Five years after Emmanuel Macron’s speech in Ouagadougou, the great disenchantment of students

Five years after Emmanuel Macrons speech in Ouagadougou the great

To not miss any African news, Subscribe to the newsletter from “World Africa” from this link. Every Saturday at 6 a.m., find a week of news and debates covered by the editorial staff of the “World Africa”. French President Emmanuel Macron (left) with his Burkinabé counterpart Roch Marc Christian Kabore (right), at the University of … Read more

Should students continue to be graded?

Should students continue to be graded

The evaluation of students by notation has been the subject of numerous criticisms, in particular from the didactician of mathematics André Antibi, who denounced, in a resounding way, a “ghoulish constant”. The formula refers to the social pressure which would push the teachers, so that the evaluations are considered credible, to put a certain percentage … Read more

Incivility of middle school students on public roads: advocacy for the introduction of a tailor-made program

Incivility of middle school students on public roads advocacy for

Cases of incivility involving college students on the public highway continue to increase. Two videos, one showing a fight between college students and the other a college student being assaulted by police, went around the web earlier this week. Basheer Taleb, the president of the Federation of Union of Managers, proposes the creation of a … Read more

“Look up” from your smartphone: a tough challenge for Marseille college students

“Sir, where is the + can opener + for the phone?”: a student is eager to retrieve the magnet that will unlock the pocket where his phone is locked. The Marseille teenager admits to using it up to fifteen hours a day. How will he survive the disconnection challenge launched in his college for a … Read more

Vienna: five biology students work on the phenomenal tardigrade

Vienna five biology students work on the phenomenal tardigrade scaled

The tardigrade measures half a millimeter but its resistance capacities are grandiose. Students from the University of Poitiers are interested in one of its proteins which could work miracles. Its little name is sometimes “water bear”. Others see it as the reincarnation of “the smoking caterpillar” in Alice in Wonderland. The tardigrade has a too … Read more

Meditation helps students

The current craze for meditation is accompanied by more and more initiatives to teach this discipline at school. These teachings are now available through a wide variety of courses inspired by most mindfulness programs for stress management. (mindfulness-based stress reduction programs), that is to say through a main anchoring of attention towards the bodily dimension … Read more

International students: U de M and CCNB fear competition from Quebec

The leaders of the Université de Moncton and the New Brunswick Community College are worried. Quebec will lower tuition fees for non-Canadian students enrolled in post-secondary institutions located outside Montreal. The government of La Belle Province wishes to attract and retain international students capable of working in economic sectors suffering from a labor shortage in … Read more

Chinon: high school students take compulsory yoga classes after two years of Covid

1652876020 Chinon high school students take compulsory yoga classes after two

The course begins in a rather hectic way. In front of about fifteen high school students, a yoga teacher tries to calm them down and make them do exercises. Since the start of the school year, this course has been compulsory once a year for all students at the Joseph-Cugnot vocational high school in Chinon. … Read more

At the University of Geneva, Muslim students will pray at all costs

On April 21, an article appeared in topo, the student magazine of the University of Geneva, in which Kaouthar Najim recounts the daily life of Muslim students reduced to praying in a stairwell on campus. The reason? The University does not provide a room allowing the most observant students to perform their five daily prayers. … Read more