Kanye West: throwback to the college style of the Dropout Bear

Kanye West throwback to the college style of the Dropout

During his college musical days, Kanye West was in tune with his well-known mascot, the Dropout Bear. Back on his most beautiful clothes of the time. If there is a brand image attached to the character of Kanye West, it is the Dropout Bear. But yes, you know, it’s this cute little bear that appears … Read more

“Look up” from your smartphone: a tough challenge for Marseille college students

“Sir, where is the + can opener + for the phone?”: a student is eager to retrieve the magnet that will unlock the pocket where his phone is locked. The Marseille teenager admits to using it up to fifteen hours a day. How will he survive the disconnection challenge launched in his college for a … Read more

Story of soldier, devil and angels at the Collège des Bernardins – News – Ôlyrix

Story of soldier devil and angels at the College des

To close its second edition on the theme “Lux in tenebris – Angels and demons”, the Festival des Bernardins invites Clément Mao-Takacs’ Secession Orchestra to musically address this question of angels and the devil, of the real and the invisible, in complicity with actress Fanny Ardant and soprano Axelle Fanyo. Since the 13th century, the … Read more

Patrick Arsenault at the helm of the French-speaking Nordic College

Patrick Arsenault at the helm of the French speaking Nordic College

With ten years of experience across Canada, Patrick Arsenault, new director general of the Nordic College, is preparing to take up the challenge, this time in the NWT. (Courtesy PA) Freshly arrived in Yellowknife, Patrick Arsenault took charge of the Collège nordique francophone, which is preparing to take its place within a booming post-secondary education … Read more