An Incredible Week Awaits These Zodiac Signs As Long As 2 Others Go Through Tough Times

1675099486 An Incredible Week Awaits These Zodiac Signs As Long As

For the first week of February, the stars have delivered their verdict! With Jupiter in Aries, Venus in Pisces, and the Full Moon in Leo, some zodiac signs will have a remarkable time full of success while others will have a tough time and need to work on themselves. Rich in planetary movements, this first … Read more

UK and France sign tough new anti-immigration deal

1668723746 UK and France sign tough new anti immigration deal

The war on refugees and asylum seekers intensified this week with the revised agreement between the UK and France, intended to prevent thousands of desperate people from crossing the English Channel. On Monday, after months of negotiations, British Home Secretary Suella Braverman met French Home Secretary Gerald Darmanin to approve an increase in payments from … Read more

“Look up” from your smartphone: a tough challenge for Marseille college students

“Sir, where is the + can opener + for the phone?”: a student is eager to retrieve the magnet that will unlock the pocket where his phone is locked. The Marseille teenager admits to using it up to fifteen hours a day. How will he survive the disconnection challenge launched in his college for a … Read more