Snowshoes or raclette: what to do in the mountains according to your astrological sign? – She

Snowshoes or raclette what to do in the mountains according

Let it be said, the stars have an opinion on everything: what you are going to cook tonight, your love compatibility and even your dream job. Of course, the cosmos also has a very specific idea of ​​the ideal mountain activity for your zodiac sign. Do not hesitate to create a tailor-made program using your … Read more

5 original activities to do in the mountains when you can’t ski

5 original activities to do in the mountains when you

Bad luck, the resorts are closing all their slopes, the mild weather is giving holidaymakers a hard time in the ski resorts this week. But repeated scrabble games are not inevitable. You will take the opportunity to visit the small local producers of cheese, cured meats or other seasonal products. If the biggest resorts have … Read more

“The eight mountains” in the cinema: gaining height, instructions for use

Ce nest pas evident a gerer Aria Crescendo annoncee

A few days before Christmas, international filmmakers, angry with frivolous distractions, bet on harsh exoticism and on trips to countries where physical and psychological deprivation imposes its pitiless laws. In the awesome Godland (in theaters this week), the Icelandic director Hlynur Palmason portrays, at the end of the 19th century, a young Danish priest who … Read more

Leaving Paris – In Praise of the Swiss Mountains

Leaving Paris – In Praise of the Swiss Mountains

Located in the heart of Zermatt, the Cervo offers a modern transcription of the alpine hunting lodge, between design, raw materials and local culture. By Clara Le Fort The name of the hotel comes from mount matterhorn (Cervino in Italian, which also means “little deer”), an emblematic summit of 4,478 meters above sea level which … Read more

Unusual – 37 years ago, the farm owned by the Forez mountains made headlines in Saint-Romain (Puy-de-Dôme)

Unusual 37 years ago the farm owned by the

The hamlet of Burianne, in Saint-Romain, hit the headlines in 1985. It is said to be an old clay farm possessed by the Devil. When FR3 and Antenne 2 became interested in the case, two women lived in the outbuildings. Four stone walls serve as their refuge under a flow of pines. Marie T. and … Read more

5 suggestions for well-being in the mountains

Cold water bath in Pralognan-la-Vanoise Practicing yoga in the middle of nature in the mountains and immersing yourself in the icy water of a mountain stream brings pure joy. This is the experience offered by Caroline Favre, yoga teacher and Ayurveda therapist, in Pralognan-la-Vanoise. After conditioning with yoga postures, you are ready to immerse yourself … Read more