Marvel’s Midnight Suns TEST: forget the cinema, Marvel is better in video games

Marvels Midnight Suns TEST forget the cinema Marvel is better

We had the opportunity to test the long, wide and across the long-awaited XCOM-like Marvel’s Midnight Suns. What to understand how the life of a superhero works? Marvel’s Midnight Suns is the new creation of the Firaxis studio, giant of strategy / tactics behind mastodons like Civilization VI or XCOM 2 which this Marvel game … Read more

Ordet – Once upon a time at the cinema

Ordet Once upon a time at the cinema

“Faith is that paradox for which interiority is more higher than exteriority.” Soren Kierkegaard The family kammerspiel, small chamber music intimate drama… Carl Theodor Dreyer directs the eponymous play of Danish Lutheran clerical playwright and pastor, Kaj Munk, who became a national martyr after his assassination in 1944 by the Gestapo during the German occupation. … Read more

Music, cinema, theatre: a week full of culture | Le Petit Paume

Music cinema theatre a week full of culture Le

Monday 7: Village life, gourmet tasting at Food Traboule Image source: Food Traboule ‍ Woooow it Food Traboule comes back to treat us with a tasting of 22 Cotes du Rhone Named Villages in the company of genius winegrowers who knew how to help Mother Nature produce the best she has. To wash it all … Read more

Cinema: “Hallelujah, the words of Leonard Cohen”, mythical and mystical artist

Cinema Hallelujah the words of Leonard Cohen mythical and mystical

Coming from a privileged Jewish family, he had already written poems and novels when he burst into the limelight at the end of the 1960s – in 1967 to be exact. his disc, “Songs… Coming from a privileged Jewish family, he had already written poems and novels when he burst into the limelight at the … Read more

FIKA(S) Festival: Scandinavian horror cinema in Villeray

FIKAS Festival Scandinavian horror cinema in Villeray

With the month of October, we inevitably think of horror cinema, with some fans even challenging themselves to watch one film a day. But, instead of banging yet another American horror production, why not discover Scandinavian horror films? This is what the fourth edition of the FIKA(S) Festival, taking place from October 17 to 23, … Read more

Los Angeles fait son cinéma

Los Angeles fait son cinema

Los Angeles © chones – La mégapole californienne – c’est la seconde ville la plus peuplée des Etats-Unis – n’en finit pas d’étirer ses 88 quartiers, distillant des atmosphères très variées. C’est également un rêve d’apprenti acteur et un formidable terrain de jeux pour les réalisateurs. Depuis plus d’un siècle, Los Angeles est la capitale du … Read more

Catherine Deneuve and Jacques Demy: A fairy tale against a backdrop of politically engaged cinema | LeMagduCine

In early September 2022, the Venice Film Festival awarded Catherine Deneuve a Golden Lion for her entire career. The opportunity to dive back into the filmography of the actress. This month, the Magduciné has chosen to focus on its fruitful collaboration between Jacques Demy. Free Galathée from Pygmalion Cinema is a collective art. This statement … Read more

La botanique au cinéma #Art et botanique

La botanique au cinema Art et botanique

Dans les arts visuels, le végétal tient une place majeure qui n’a cessé de croître jusqu’à devenir non plus uniquement décoratif ou allégorique, mais porteur de message à travers ce que l’on appelle aujourd’hui le « tournant végétal ». Au cinéma, la nature est aussi une clé de compréhension au miroir que nous tend la fiction. Dans … Read more