[Cinéma] “Peace”, heaven or hell

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In the intoxicating Pacifiction, by Albert Serra, Benoît Magimel embodies a senior official stationed in Tahiti, whom the rumor of a resumption of French nuclear tests in the Pacific will make paranoid. Total and unprecedented cinema. In the space of thirty years (1966-1996), nearly 200 nuclear tests were carried out by France in French Polynesia. … Read more

Le cinéma d’Andrew Dominik : une hantologie de l’Amérique.

Le cinema dAndrew Dominik une hantologie de lAmerique

Il était une fois la Chimérique… En 2022, Blonde est sans doute l’un des films ayant le plus polarisé l’analyse, sauf pour sa partie la plus visible, face immergée de l’iceberg critique (Les Cahiers, Positif). Pour elle, nul doute, Andrew Dominik aurait dénié autant la femme dans ce biopic que l’époque (Jean-Marie Samocki). Le film … Read more

“The eight mountains” in the cinema: gaining height, instructions for use

Ce nest pas evident a gerer Aria Crescendo annoncee

A few days before Christmas, international filmmakers, angry with frivolous distractions, bet on harsh exoticism and on trips to countries where physical and psychological deprivation imposes its pitiless laws. In the awesome Godland (in theaters this week), the Icelandic director Hlynur Palmason portrays, at the end of the 19th century, a young Danish priest who … Read more

Cinema, Netflix… 7 Kdramas and Korean films that should not be missed in 2022

1671559188 Cinema Netflix… 7 Kdramas and Korean films that should not

news culture Cinema, Netflix… 7 Kdramas and Korean films that should not be missed in 2022 Published on 20/12/2022 at 18:15 The end of the year is approaching, which means… Retrospective of the best series of 2022! Today, it is the series and films of the Fresh Morning Country that are in the spotlight. This … Read more

Horror Cinema Today: Between Annoyance and Hope | LeMagduCine

Horror Cinema Today Between Annoyance and Hope LeMagduCine

Cinema is a vector of emotions among which fear can seem to be the ugly duckling. Indeed, fear is at first sight, like melancholy, something we should fear rather than seek. And yet, audiences want to scare themselves, counting on brave little souls to give them shivers of terror. This is all the ambiguity of … Read more

Marvel’s Midnight Suns TEST: forget the cinema, Marvel is better in video games

Marvels Midnight Suns TEST forget the cinema Marvel is better

We had the opportunity to test the long, wide and across the long-awaited XCOM-like Marvel’s Midnight Suns. What to understand how the life of a superhero works? Marvel’s Midnight Suns is the new creation of the Firaxis studio, giant of strategy / tactics behind mastodons like Civilization VI or XCOM 2 which this Marvel game … Read more

Ordet – Once upon a time at the cinema

Ordet Once upon a time at the cinema

“Faith is that paradox for which interiority is more higher than exteriority.” Soren Kierkegaard The family kammerspiel, small chamber music intimate drama… Carl Theodor Dreyer directs the eponymous play of Danish Lutheran clerical playwright and pastor, Kaj Munk, who became a national martyr after his assassination in 1944 by the Gestapo during the German occupation. … Read more

Music, cinema, theatre: a week full of culture | Le Petit Paume

Music cinema theatre a week full of culture Le

Monday 7: Village life, gourmet tasting at Food Traboule Image source: Food Traboule ‍ Woooow it Food Traboule comes back to treat us with a tasting of 22 Cotes du Rhone Named Villages in the company of genius winegrowers who knew how to help Mother Nature produce the best she has. To wash it all … Read more