“The eight mountains” in the cinema: gaining height, instructions for use

Ce nest pas evident a gerer Aria Crescendo annoncee

A few days before Christmas, international filmmakers, angry with frivolous distractions, bet on harsh exoticism and on trips to countries where physical and psychological deprivation imposes its pitiless laws. In the awesome Godland (in theaters this week), the Icelandic director Hlynur Palmason portrays, at the end of the 19th century, a young Danish priest who … Read more

Montpellier: with France Bleu and the Halle Tropisme, children gain height

Montpellier with France Bleu and the Halle Tropisme children gain

By Metropolitan Writing Published on 17 Nov 22 at 6:16 Metropolitan See my news Follow this media The children will rise (©FBH) The Blue France Festival at Children’s Height, of which this is the second edition promises to be rich and exciting until Sunday, at Montpellier. This Thursday and Friday, 460 schoolchildren are expected in … Read more