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Let it be said, the stars have an opinion on everything: what you are going to cook tonight, your love compatibility and even your dream job. Of course, the cosmos also has a very specific idea of ​​the ideal mountain activity for your zodiac sign. Do not hesitate to create a tailor-made program using your ascendant, your moon signor even your entire birth chart.

Aries: toboggan jumping

Speed, adrenaline, potential fall: all the favorite ingredients of Aries come together in this sportier activity than it seems. Too energetic for most people, the Aries native is like a young puppy: she needs to exert herself. She’ll only think she’s had a good day if her tailbone is sore and her skin is bruised.

Taurus: raclette

The Bull is not made for the mountains, it has told you so and repeated it many times with “it’s too high” and “it turns too much in the bends”. She will therefore let you risk your life on the slopes and on her side, will assiduously practice walking and shopping. But her thing is above all going back and forth to the cheese dairy and preparing raclettes.

Gemini: mulled wine on the terrace

“Go ahead, I’ll join you!” ” will negligently launch the Gemini to his sports friends, before settling on the terrace, in the sun. A glass of mulled wine, a nice pair of sunglasses and a good book will be more than enough to keep him happy. And of course, she will always be there when you come back down, reacting enthusiastically to all the alpine gossip.

Cancer: the spa

“It’s too hard, the snow is too soft! “, complains Nathalie in” Les Bronzés are skiing “, probably Cancer. The crab sign is allergic to the mountains and has been sulking since being told that this year no one wants to go to the sea. Never mind, she will enjoy the spa all day and cook pancakes for everything the world in the evening.

Leo: snowboarding

The mountain has no interest, for a Leo, if we don’t have every chance to look at it. To get noticed for sure, we recommend the most “did you see me” mountain sport of all. Whether you know what you’re doing or not, controlled turn or legendary bowl: we only see you. And the snow you throw on others.

Virgo: the sled dog

No way to go to the mountains if it’s not to learn a new skill or two. Yes, the Virgin has a visceral need to do holiday homework and complete his CV. Beyond the proximity of animals and snowy landscapes, the zodiac Saint Bernard needs to feel useful: she will pray that someone breaks a leg in order to be able to pronounce this sentence: “Don’t worry, I bring back by sleigh. »

Libra: skiing

Basic, you think? It is above all discipline that makes it possible to be the best dressed. She chose her suit months in advance and can’t wait to show off her ski look on the slopes. You understood, Libra is not there for sport but to fill his Instagram feed. And, why not, to meet your soul mate when the chairlift breaks down.

Scorpion: mountain caving

Go up the mountain? Too many people, too many overpriced beers and above all, too much light for their hypersensitive eyes. Scorpios’ passion for the depths ranges from the human soul to geology The darker, wetter and echoier it is, the more they love. Intense, curious and not frightened for a penny, Scorpions prefer the mountains, but from the inside!

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Sagittarius: snowshoeing

They who swear by hiking all year round don’t see why they couldn’t take the opportunity to test snowshoes. Gentle enough to enjoy the scenery (and we know that Sagittarians like to get some fresh air) and physical enough to exhaust them a little all the same, snowshoeing is perfect for them. Especially if it ends with mulled wine and raclette.

Capricorn: mountaineering

“Go higher, go higher!” » sing in unison the Capricorns on the mountainside, always first in line. The sign is not half goat for nothing: Capricorn is a fan of the challenge represented by this raw and abrupt landscape, like them. Neither the ice nor the height scares them, they have the discipline and composure it takes to be exceptional climbers.

Aquarius: the off-road

Do like the others ? You don’t know Aquarius well. Stupidly following a pre-established track? Rather stay hooked to the butt lifter. What Aquarians want is to chart their own course. Whether with their pair of skis, or with their buttocks. “Besides, it works on my sense of direction! they proudly declare, taking the wrong path.

Pisces: the swimming pool

We know them, they followed their friends to the mountains because they are part of star signs that hate conflict. But deep down, they only wanted one thing: to go to the beach every day. The Pisces will slalom between melted cheese, an afternoon in the pool and, of course, their snowman family, which is growing day by day.

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Snowshoes or raclette: what to do in the mountains according to your astrological sign? – She

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