5 original activities to do in the mountains when you can’t ski

Bad luck, the resorts are closing all their slopes, the mild weather is giving holidaymakers a hard time in the ski resorts this week. But repeated scrabble games are not inevitable. You will take the opportunity to visit the small local producers of cheese, cured meats or other seasonal products. If the biggest resorts have a cinema or a bowling alley, other activities exist in the mountains to have fun without having to put on your skis. Here are five of them, but consult the site of your destination resort for a complete list of non-ski activities to be practiced on site.

A snowga session

A new trend has invaded the runways. As its name suggests, the snowga, comes from the contraction of the words “snow” (which means snow) and “yoga”, in other words, you practice your usual yoga positions but this time in the cold and in the snow ! it is differentiated by the benefits that the cold provides to our body. According to the followers of this practice, the snowga would allow you to better connect to the nature which surrounds you, to escape the stress of everyday life and to solicit more your muscles while activating the blood circulation.

So many arguments that make us want to take our skis off right away! The trend is growing more and more, to the point of arriving for example in La Clusaz in Haute-Savoie where hikes supplemented by snowga sessions are offered.

How to sleep well in the mountains? The video answer:

A bike ride

If the snow melts, we forget about snowmobiles and sled dogs, but we can turn to the fatbikea bike with wide tires, which you ride like a mountain bike, the wheels crushing the snow without sinking into it, a treat for cycling enthusiasts and which remains passable even when the snow is scarce.

The activity is now widespread in many resorts and exists in classic or electric mode for the less athletic.

Scuba diving

For the most daring, eager for extreme activity, it is possible to treat yourself to a baptism of frozen lake diving (or not). A well-heated locker room before and after the experience, a hole in the ice, a 100% waterproof suit, bottles, and you’re ready for a dip, even for neophytes.

Especially since we absolutely do not feel the cold. Ice diving is particularly possible in Val d’Isère, but also in Tignes, Morzine or even Gerardmer, in the Vosges. All it takes is a lake.

A beneficial treatment

We love skiing for its invigorating side and the art it has of clearing our heads. A moment at the spa can have this same effect on your body and most resorts have understood this. Many resorts (like Club Med) and hotels in the mountains now have state-of-the-art spas and treatment centers to pamper you.

But you won’t be the only one to have this idea, so plan to book your treatment on site to be sure you can enjoy it.

A hot air balloon ride

The most ecstatic and meditative is undoubtedly hot air balloon trip, as in Courchevel or Megève. Organized at sunrise or sunset, these flights offer 3 hours of breathtaking adventure, including an hour of flight at the top of the mountains. After inflating the spectacular hot-air balloon, you embark in a gondola without a precise itinerary, only contemplation counts…

On landing, the team is waiting for you with a small drink, to warm you up a little because, as you might expect, it is better to bring a good sweater before taking off.

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5 original activities to do in the mountains when you can’t ski

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