Venus in Aquarius 2023: these 3 astro signs will see their love life TURNED UP

The first week of the year 2023 is rich in astrological movements and planetary changes. In addition to a spectacular Full Moon in the sign of Cancer which will take place on January 7th, there is today a change of residence of a planet which influences us a lot! It is Venus, the planet of love, which rules how we bond with each other according to astrology. Find out here how this celestial movement will affect your love life!

Astro: How will Venus in Aquarius change your love life?

Venus is a planet that is related to our way of loving. It is about the love we show for others, but also for ourselves. In this sense, the sign change that takes place on this day can be somewhat confusing. The sign of Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, which symbolizes freedom. Therefore. The movement of Venus in this constellation will make us feel the need to be light and uncompromising. It will also boost independence and self-esteem with its visionary energy.
If you wanted to find a serious relationship, the astrological mood may not be the most appropriate!

Horoscope: which zodiac signs could feel the effects of Venus in Aquarius very strongly?

These are three astrological signs that, for different reasons, will each have to pay close attention to this planetary change. Their love life could be turned upside down by this change! Do you want to find out what signs these are?


The entry of Venus into Aquarius will be accompanied by many positive aspects to Mars and to the moon in your constellation. This will cause you to prioritize an ideological and spiritual connection over something more physical or superficial during this time. You will be looking for someone you share interests with and you might even find them!


It will be important for you to change the tune these days. Venus will be in your astrological love zone, asking for intense relationships, but your mood will be different. You may need to clarify some things about your romantic relationship. If you’re single, you might find an affair, but it probably won’t be a very serious matter. Have fun without thinking so much!


With Venus in your sign, you will radiate and be irresistible. Take advantage of the beauty star energy that roams your constellation to strut and flirt. Take advantage, because this will be allowed until January 27, when Venus enters Pisces, and things can get more serious and settle in romance. Attention !

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If the position in which Venus is in the zodiac as of today is not the most romantic, it is one of the most differentiated and individual. January will probably not be an ideal month for romance, but you can improve your self-esteem by prioritizing your relationship with yourself in fascinating ways. Honor this energy by dedicating yourself to your new resolutions for 2023! Give yourself time, love, and the freedom to do what you want to feel good about yourself!

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Venus in Aquarius 2023: these 3 astro signs will see their love life TURNED UP

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