Astrology: the biggest love mistakes to avoid according to your sign

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What if astrology could save you from making mistakes in your relationships? Here are the biggest mistakes in love according to your zodiac sign!

For those who believe it, astrology constantly guides them in their love, professional, financial, social… even sexual life! But when it comes to relationships, we all make mistakes. What if astrology could help you avoid them? So that you don’t get caught up in toxic relationship patterns, which are much more common than you might think. And according to your zodiac sign, the mistakes most often made are obvious.. Ranging from abandonment to lack of honesty or the repression of emotions. To help you better manage your romantic relationships, here is THE biggest relationship and love mistake of each sign. The goal ? Face reality to better fulfill yourself.

Aries: taking your partner for granted

As an Aries, you are a life force and have no problem growing in a very independent way. But this autonomy and independence can sometimes become the Achilles heel of your relationship.. Why ? Because by dint of acting as a leader, you will treat your partner as a follower… which is never ideal to constitute a healthy and lasting relationship. Not to mention that you will therefore tend to take it for granted. It is a mistake ! Do your best to always encourage him/her, support him/her and take his/her needs into account. Otherwise he/she will end up fleeing…

Taurus: Repressing Your Emotions

Who has never heard of the stubborn side of the bull? This is probably one of his most defining character traits. Taurus are also a very stable sign, in need of peace and harmony. Drama can only stress them more! But be careful, because repressing your deepest emotions and feelings will only catch your partner off guard, who will not know how to behave.. Not to mention that by holding everything back, you can quickly explode and give way to resentment in the couple.

Gemini: leaving the relationship too quickly

Geminis tend to run away rather than confront conflict, their feelings, or even the relationship itself. Although they like fun and playful relationships, as soon as they encounter “pains” or sources of problems, they end up throwing in the towel very quickly. Laziness or fear of commitment is not in question. But the fact of considering a disagreement as the end of the relationship. Which may seem completely absurd to your partner. The goal is therefore not to flee, but to leave room for communication.

Cancer: letting your individuality slip away

Gaining a Cancer’s trust is not easy. And when he opens his heart, it’s usually very sincere and with his whole being! Which may be an obvious love mistake for him. Why ? Because a cancer can then quickly become co-dependent with the rapid development of a fear of abandonment as it is sensitive. Thus, he will end up losing his own identity for the benefit of his/her partner. As you will have understood, Cancer is not selfish enough in a relationship and completely forgets its own needs! It is important to keep your individuality in a couple.

Leo: transfer your feelings to your partner

The lion often has his emotions turned upside down. Always very proud, it also happens that he is very messy. Thus, he will end up transferring all his feelings and strong emotions to his / her partner. But be careful, because he/she is not a sponge, nor a punching bag! Your partner is a whole person. He/she often has other problems to deal with on his/her side, although he/she can support you on a daily basis. Therefore, you need to stop treating him/her as a dumping ground for emotions and try to work on yourself to make the relationship flourish.

Virgo: trying to change your partner

As a Virgo, you are the so-called “repairer” sign of the zodiac. Your motto is “I can fix it and I don’t need anyone’s help and attention”. So, when you date someone, you immediately notice their faults and behaviors that annoy you. And your advice is generally very benevolent. But sometimes too intrusive. You try by all means to change your partner, so that he/she is shaped in your image. Which is very dangerous for the future of your relationship. Accept him/her as he/she is!

Libra: being passive-aggressive

If you prefer not to make waves when you disagree with your partner, then you are probably Libra. This is a sign that avoids conflict, until its tolerance threshold is largely exceeded.. This is when he will try to react calmly and kindly, while lacing more or less passive-aggressive spikes. And this, until his/her partner manages to change what bothers him. In other words, the problem of the balance is also the lack of communication in the couple…

Scorpio: creating too much drama

Scorpio is the most extreme sign of the zodiac. With him, it’s all or nothing! So, if you are a scorpio, you will tend to resent the whole world when you are unhappy with something. And this constant bad mood could well end up setting fire to the powder in your relationship, especially if your partner expresses his/her disagreement (or simply his/her opinion). Although this mentality is actually a defense mechanism, it is not necessary. Remember to breathe, channel this energy and use it wisely.

Sagittarius: lack of honesty about your feelings

For you, life is a cakewalk! And if it isn’t, you take off for other horizons. However, you avoid sharing your feelings, dreams, fears and fears too much. And when there is tension with your partner, you tend to calm down by simply remaining silent and not talking about it… which is an obvious mistake in love. The only way to resolve conflicts in a couple is to be frank, to express your sensitivity and your feelings. In other words, communicate!

Capricorn: expecting your partner to disappoint you

Capricorn really thrives in a powerful couple. You have no problem making efforts to build a relationship and a common life. Until your natural pessimism begins to rear its ugly head. And very quickly, you start complaining about your partner. This is a defense mechanism, because you are afraid that something will not work when you have invested so much in this relationship. A word of advice: don’t push people away, accept the fact that you are worthy of being loved.

Aquarius: you always have to win

Yes, Aquarius is very intelligent and self-confident. But relationships are not like a business plan. You cannot always control your surroundings or things, simply because you are afraid of change. Besides, by dint of thinking too much you will often have the impression that the whole world is against you. Instead, try to compromise and work with your partner to move in the best direction possible. The goal is therefore not to assert your superiority, whatever it may be, but to move forward hand in hand. Open your heart !

Pisces: Sacrificing yourself too much for your relationship

When it comes to romance, Pisces often dream of being the princess in a fairy tale. But that can sometimes lead to some red flags in the relationship being overlooked. As a fish, you will even tend to sacrifice part of your life and yourself, for the benefit of your couple or your partner. The sign of the fish is made to vibrate in life, and not to lower itself in front of others. And this whether you are in love or not. You must not leave aside your person, your passions and your friends for your partner. At the risk of forgetting you.

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Astrology: the biggest love mistakes to avoid according to your sign

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