5 elements to understand… the history of Disneyland Paris, the largest amusement park in Europe

Since the beginning of March, the Disney-themed amusement park has been celebrating its thirty years of existence. A great opportunity to retrace the history of this unique place which today delights young and old alike. Disneyland Paris celebrates its 30th anniversary this year! To mark the occasion, the leisure park offers to share it with … Read more

“Voodoo and the permanent Ayisyèn resistance”, a socio-historical work on one of the fundamental elements of Haitian culture

1652403930 Voodoo and the permanent Ayisyen resistance a socio historical work on

Reynold Eustache born September 24, 1946, in the Central Plateau into a family strongly involved in the resistance of the Cacos during the American occupation, delivered a socio-historical approach to voodoo in the first volume of his book: “Voodoo and the permanent Ayisyèn resistance”, from the colonial period to the present day. This … Read more