Leo rising Virgo: character, love compatibility and temperament at work

Character, friendly and romantic compatibility, behavior at work… Here is everything you need to know about the astrological sign of Leo ascending Virgo.

In the collective imagination, the astrological sign of Leo is often perceived as the king of the Zodiac. People who identify themselves under this sign were born between July 23, and August 22. With an extravagant appearance, the astrological sign of Leo is one of those who sees the glass half full. Proud and narcissistic, he will want to be the center of attention. No wonder its reference planet is the sun ! In his image, all stars revolve around him.

More reserved and pragmatic, the Virgin, she favors the rational. This air sign needs to cling to the concrete. Reserved, the Virgin will not clearly display her feelings, for stay in your comfort zone. So what character do you get if you are born Leo ascendant Virgo, diametrically opposed signs?

What is the ascendant?

To set your horoscope or your horoscope, it is important to take into account the position of the planets. On the day of your birth, an astrological sign was assigned to you. This is called the sun sign. It determines the main character traits of an individual, but does not define his entire personality.

Ascendant, he allows to decline some of these character traits, even if he does not define them entirely. It designates the astrological sign that rose in the east on the day of your birth. This changes every two hours. Thus, to calculate it, it is important to know the exact time when you were born as well as the place. If the Virgo sign rose in the east when you came into the world, then you are Leo Rising Virgo.

Ascendant represents your “inner self”. It characterizes the ingrained character traits of a person, sometimes unconscious. But not only ! Indeed, the ascendant also designates the way in which others perceive you : your way of interacting and your non-verbal language in society.

Leo and Virgo Compatibility

From an external point of view, the astrological sign of Leo and that of Virgo are not incompatible. Indeed, here, the saying “opposites attract” takes on its full meaning. In a relationship between these two signs, whether friendly or romantic, the Virgin will be seduced by the ardor of Lion.

In turn, the astrological sign of the Lion will be attracted by the pragmatism of the Virgin. More thoughtful and observant, it will allow him to channeling one’s energy and narcissism. The idea, in a relationship between these two signs, is Leo who leads the dance while Virgo executes.

In her desire to shine, she will leave the Leo the sufficient space he needs. These two astrological signs are therefore particularly complementary, although different. On the other hand, if Virgo can appease Leo thanks to their gentleness and discretion, their need to control everything can harm Leo’s passion. Be careful not to put out the fire!

Leo rising Virgo: character traits

As part of this combination of astrological signsVirgo will take precedence over Leo thanks to theascending. Indeed, the apparent assurance of Lion will dwindle under the discretion of the Virgin. This one will lose in spontaneity, but will gain in observation. Thereby, more Cartesianhe will channel his “king of the jungle” side.

On the other hand, the Leo Rising Virgo will always be as sunny: proud and charismatic, he will want to project an always perfect image of himself. Unifying, but also rather anxious, he will express a deep need for recognition in others.

However, as a star of Zodiacthe Leo Rising Virgo does not let himself be discouraged: of a very realistic nature like the Virgin, the Lion will not be surprised by others. With him, there are no illusions: he is rooted in reality, and is never caught off guard.

Leo rising Virgo: in love

We will have understood it, with the Virgin as an ascendant, the Lion will be much more pragmatic in nature. On the other hand, this need for observation can sometimes lead him to a lack of communication with his partner. Not very expansive about his feelings, he may then appear cold on the face of it. This is explained by its fear of commitment.

On the other hand, the ascending Leo Virgo will love passionately: under his detached airs, he is of a great sincerity in love (as in friendship). Moreover, it is a astrological sign extremely loyal, as long as you reciprocate.

Question compatibility, these astro signs will get along wonderfully with the Leo Rising Virgo :

On the contrary, a relationship between a Leo Rising Virgo and one water sign as the Piscesthe Cancer where the Scorpio will be much more stormy, the latter not having the same expectations.

Leo rising Virgo: at work

If the Leo Rising Virgo federates the members of a team, he is less inclined to lead it. Indeed, a natural observer, he prefers to remain in the background rather than to decide. On the other hand, very insightful and demanding, he will produce efficient and quality work. It will thrive in a large number of areas, ranging from that ofadministrationto that of publishing, to luxury trade passing through the medical sector (doctor, nurse, etc.).

In summary, the astrological sign of Leo Rising Virgo seems sure of himself, but is ultimately of a much more secretive nature. To conquer him in love as in friendship, you will therefore have to be able to read between the lines to break his shell. Solar and radiant, it will be a major ally in your close circle!

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Leo rising Virgo: character, love compatibility and temperament at work

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