Scorpio rising: what does it change for your sign? – Here is

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The calculation of your ascendant can have an impact on your character. Discover here the role of the Scorpio ascendant on your sign. After calculating your ascendant, you realize that you are Scorpio ascendant. So what will be the impact on your sign? We tell you everything sign by sign! You are Aries Scorpio ascendant … Read more

Rising sign: Everything you need to know about your rising astrological sign!

Rising sign Everything you need to know about your rising

Some of astrology’s biggest detractors base their claims on the fact that they don’t identify with their sun sign. And… it’s actually right! But sorry haters, there is actually an astrological explanation for this. Yeah. Depending on the position of the planets at the time of your birth, you may feel like you identify with … Read more

Discover all the traits of a Virgo rising Sagittarius

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Published on September 13, 2022 at 1:22 p.m. by Margot Iodice Virgo rising Sagittarius, your astrological sign is still full of many mysteries? Here’s how your ascendant influences your character. To read laterSavedFollow #astrology#Astrology Tracking Placed in the sixth place of the zodiac, the sign of Virgo concerns all people born between August 23 and … Read more

The atmosphere is rising at the Ronquières Festival, the volunteers are on the job!

By Alexandre Dramaix | Published on 6/08/2022 at 12:06 Let’s go for three days of madness in Ronquières! The Festival expects thousands of visitors on the Inclined Plane. Volunteers keep watch. Loïc, Anaïs and Emma show us behind the scenes. ** *********** ******** * ********** ******** ****** **** ** **** ****** ***** ** ***** ********* … Read more

Test de Battlefield 4 et add-ons China Rising pour PlayStation 4

Test de Battlefield 4 et add ons China Rising pour PlayStation

À la fin de l’année dernière, les joueurs attendaient avec impatience la nouvelle partie de la célèbre série de jeux de tir sur la guerre moderne – Battlefield 4 . Des représentants du studio suédois DICE, ainsi qu’un grand éditeur EA, se sont affrontés pour chanter les louanges du projet, promettant aux joueurs des graphismes chics, un gameplay … Read more

Now that Stunlock has the pressure, the studio talks about the future of V Rising

With one million sales in a single week, V Rising is the last sensation to tumble by surprise into Steam top sellers. On his official blog, stunlock (Battlerite) quickly looks back on the success of its vampiric survival game and train the future of its early access. In reality, even though the contents and basic … Read more

Narbonne: Yogapage, the rising Narbonne start-up

Good news for yoga enthusiasts. Yoga teacher in Narbonne, Guillaume Alexandre has developed an internet application to centralize all the knowledge of this age-old science. And more and more followers are using it. “I really wanted to offer varied content, so that professionals, like individuals, could be guided in their yoga approach”explains Guillaume Alexandre, founder … Read more