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Making an appointment to discuss astrology is a bit like going to a psychologist. We evoke, under the blow of tackles on the other astrological signs, everything that we have on the heart and in the head. As astro journalists, we are used to receiving our colleagues “in consultation”. On a corner of the desk, we answer their questions, we gently ridicule their signs, we advise them on their next romantic encounters. The exercise is quite easy. We know them, we meet them, we know how their daily lives unfold. When the production of the show Cosmic Love, a new reality show based on love compatibility and broadcast on Amazon Prime, asked us to meet Nabilla, the voice that directs the program, we hesitated for a while. What are we going to tell him? Is she really passionate about astrology? Where to start ? It seemed almost strange to us to discover this star of social networks, the one we discovered on the small screen more than ten years ago, to find herself in such a program. “Unlike the stars, I do not come from the sky, but I will be there to be the confidante of the singles of Cosmic Love”, she had shared on her Instagram account to promote her show. The character fascinates us. And, after watching a few episodes, the conclusion is clear: we would like it to become one of us. An astrology pro who passionately reads her horoscopes and who knows the next dates of Full moon.

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The appointment is fixed. Cozy and intimate atmosphere. We meet Nabilla Vergara in a room at the Parisian hotel Shangri La. A place conducive to confidences. “Like one in two people, I knew my astrological sign, but not my ascendant,” she tells us at first glance. The Aquarius rising Capricorn did not resist the call of the stars. She who receives “every month [son] horoscope” embarked on the Cosmic Love adventure for the taste of the challenge. His perception of astrology then changed. A new world opened up to her thanks to this experience. “I find that fair enough, but I don’t want to compare it to clairvoyance. I don’t want people to tell me “this is going to happen to you”, for me, it’s too precise and it scares me. I don’t want to know if I’m going to fall tomorrow. Astrology is a lighter form of clairvoyance, broadly speaking. It’s more of a global point of view. The planets, the stars, it’s natural. I prefer astrology to guide me. For her, the art of divination seems to be a tool for getting to know yourself above all, more than a way of predicting your future.

Astrology according to Nabilla: a communication tool

On a daily basis, Nabilla Vergara is a madly loving wife and hyperactive mother. “In truth, the children you get to know them. You discover their character, their reaction. Astrology helps me understand them better. My sons are very different. One is very calm, the other is hyperactive. You see they are completely different boys. For good reason, the two do not have the same astrological sign. One is Libra, the other “is Geminilike my grandmother, ”says the host.

Inevitably, presenting a dating show related to astrology led Nabilla to question love compatibility in her own life as a couple. It’s not just Cosmic Love candidates who are entitled to good advice from Shana Lyès, the show’s astrologer. Even if Nabilla admits having already tried to find out if the planets approved of her union with her longtime companion, Thomas Vergara. “I had already looked, we were not too compatible. So this is madness! “Assures the one who gave birth to her second child in 2022. Like the hearts to take from Cosmic Love, Nabilla was entitled to her romantic connection… With her lover. And it’s a game! “He is Aries ascendant, I Capricorn ascendant: two horned beasts! laughs the one who admits to having been a little anxious about their cosmic compatibility. “We’ve been together for 10 years, I wanted to know. I said to myself, “imagine, we are not compatible!” »

“I would never date a Scorpio”

Fortunately, the result was more than positive: Aquarius and Virgo, it’s certainly daring, but it works! Nabilla also confides that on the heart side, she has a real weakness for the character of the Virgo man. “Virgo, for a boy, that’s so sweet. They are patient, they are orderly… I found it well! “welcomes the presenter mischievously. But even if, as a good representative of her Air sign, Nabilla confides “I get along a little with everyone”. Well, almost everyone. It’s impossible to know if having presented Cosmic Love influenced her opinion, but some zodiac signs leave her cold. “I will never put myself with a Scorpion, for example”, states, categorical, Nabilla. “They are too mysterious, too sensitive. And speaking of mystery, the weirdest sign of the zodiac has the networks star perplexed. “There are signs that I don’t know at all. Pisces for example, it’s a sign that inspires me nothing, loose the young woman, in all honesty. It depends on the people who influenced you. »

Here, Nabilla touches on the most important point of astrology: everything depends on the people. Because if there is something to remember from Cosmic Love, it’s that the stars have no right of veto over your life, and even less over your love life. And that, Nabilla has understood. The independent-minded Aquarius spoke through her: “Astrology is important, it guides you. But if astrology tells me that I’m not compatible with this guy, and that I like him, I’m going to say “fuck astrology”! »

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We talked about love compatibility with Nabilla: “Astrology guides you” – Elle

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