“Cosmic Love”… Astrology, a good plan for fishing?

“You are made to be friends and more so. You are ready to go on an adventure and to test another type of relationship, far from the beaten track. These sentences are not taken from horoscope of the day but Cosmic Lovelaunched this Friday on Amazon Prime Video. This dating show (in French: dating show) is surfing on the current craze for astrology and is working to form couples according to the compatibility of the horoscopes of the potential lovebirds. “When you get to know someone you just met, you want to know their sign. This can direct us to fairly relevant character traits”, slips us Nabilla Vergaraprogram facilitator.

Nevertheless, by following this strategy, we quickly fall into the stereotype and the shortcut: the Scorpio would be a hot pants of which we must be wary, the Gemini a cerebral knowing how to handle words and the Virgo a devoted lover, etc. “I know people who refuse to go to date with people of this or that sign because they have prejudices. In the show, we tried to break these clichés to understand why sometimes we can have difficulty going to a sign that does not speak to us, or with which we have had a bad experience, ”says astrologer Shana Lyes who worked on Cosmic Love.

“You are never 100% compatible with someone in astrology”

She spent hours establishing the birth charts of the four young single women at the center of the program, nicknamed “the elements”: Lison is fire, Anna is earth, Moana is air and Moon is water. She also sketched the profiles of the Cosmic Lovers, that is to say of their suitors and suitors. Twelve – like so many signs of the zodiac – were selected, ten men and two women. “It was a headache to find the almost perfect match each time. We are never 100% compatible with someone in astrology, which is why there were certain conflicts during the filming, “says the one who created the Instagram account. @astro.lya.

The 16 protagonists, with pleasant plastic (to put it another way: no one is ugly), gathered in a city in Malta, spend their days between idleness, head to head and themed evenings. Their daily life is also influenced by the predictions of the Astro Chamber, a dome that would not look out of place with Futuroscope. The “elements” come to discover their “connections”. An example of revelation from this high-tech oracle? ” The earth and fire can have a lot in common, like the will, the perseverance, the desire to accomplish great things. The synastry of your two charts is almost perfect and reveals a lot of attraction. The only aspect that could slow down your story is the square position of your ascendants, which means you’re going to have to break the ice and work harder to open up if you want to go the second direction of romance. Your reciprocal investments of Jupiter are here to help you. ” Ah OK.

“An astral theme does not mark a fixed destiny”

“Synastry is a word that can be scary, but it’s simply the superposition of the birth chart of partner A on that of partner B”, explains Shana Lyes. The four “elements”, in any case, completely trust what the Astro Chamber announces to them. “If the stars tell me it’s a connection, maybe it’s worth not being afraid that we have so many similarities,” said one of them facing the camera.

“Astrology is not a dogma, it is fluid. It’s like a breeding ground for possibilities, tells us Annabelle Lhem. If we talk about love compatibility, we can say that depending on the birth chart there are possibilities for people to have a similar sensitivity and get along well, but there is no determination of compatibility. An astral chart does not mark a fixed destiny. » The creator of podcast The art of astrology continues: “It’s as much a fun tool, which is entertaining, as a serious tool used by people who want to do some introspection and give meaning to what they are experiencing. »

“A playful approach to relationships”

Shana Lyes does not say otherwise. “This allows for a more playful approach to relationships. The “elements” lent themselves to the game, each sign represents an energy and therefore a type of dating. It’s an indicator, a guide, but you shouldn’t take it for granted, each relationship is unique and works in its own way, ”insists the one who worked on the show.

Moreover, if it is impossible for two birth charts to be completely compatible, the reverse must be true. “There are no two completely incompatible themes, confirms the one who manages the @astro.lya account. In the show, we can also see a rather surprising couple who formed when their themes presented many incompatible elements. In other words, we must not believe that the stars decide which couples last. Unless you are Capricorn ascendant Ram with Moon in Pisces.

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“Cosmic Love”… Astrology, a good plan for fishing?

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