Heritage | How does Bank of America actively participate in the restoration of several of the masterpieces of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris? -Forbes France

Heritage How does Bank of America actively participate in

PHILANTROPY | Bank of America (BofA) believes in the power of the arts to help economies thrive, educate and enrich societies, and create greater cultural understanding. This year, BofA has decided to support 19 major international projects, including part of the restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris. Interview with Brian Siegel, Global Arts & Heritage Executive … Read more

Hélène Duval, chantre d’un Yoga détox et Rock’n Roll ! – Forbes France

Helene Duval chantre dun Yoga detox et Rockn Roll.webp

Ne vous fiez pas aux apparences ! Lorsque l’on croise cette pétillante brune en legging et flanquée du t-shirt « Voulez-vous faire du Yoga avec moi ce soir ? », on pense l’avoir cerné. Hélène Duval, fondatrice de YUJ Studio & YUJ Paris, a créé un univers qui ne ressemble à aucun autre dans l’écosystème … Read more

Handling the invisible to succeed in a hybrid organization – Forbes France

How to live 24 hours a day with the Holy

While the hybrid working mode – where people working on site and others working remotely coexist – has accelerated over the past two years, it now raises more than questions about the number of days of teleworking and constitutes a real management issue to bring the collective to life. Time wasted on interpersonal misunderstandings, risk … Read more

Harry Potter fans: not to be missed on your trip to London! -Forbes France

Harry Potter fans not to be missed on your trip

Harry Potter is an American-British saga produced by Warner Bros. Pictures that kept fans spellbound for 10 years. It recounts the adventures of a student wizard named Harry Potter and his friends, all at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft. Are you a Harry Potter fan? Discover the activities not to be missed during your trip … Read more

Is your team agile or fragile? -Forbes France

There will be no season 2 for Saint Seiya on

People have practiced meditation for thousands of years in China and India because they knew its benefits. Now that neuroscientists have succeeded in explaining its benefits from a scientific point of view, it has gained enormous popularity in the West. Suddenly, this exotic and mysterious art turned into a scientific and proven approach. The activity … Read more

Digital: what are the challenges for France? -Forbes France

In our previous article relating to the “France 2030” plan, we mentioned one of the challenges of digital technology consisting of the training, attraction and retention of talent capable of supporting future innovations and developments, against the backdrop of global competition. In addition to this theme, other issues exist in the digital sector, in particular … Read more

Fortune Telling Cards: Learn How To Understand Them Better – Forbes France

Fortune Telling Cards Learn How To Understand Them Better

Clairvoyance cards have their mystery, but they also have a lot to tell you: you just have to decode them. Better understand clairvoyance cards and their meaning It is not easy for novices to understand exactly what these clairvoyance cards and these manipulations mean: if the gesture is beautiful, and the signs interpreted come true, … Read more