Building & digital twins: ecology is more than a facade

1666055972 TV program In search of eternal youth on M6 Valerie

What if we stopped turning our cities into superficial amusement parks? Yes, some facades have allure. But the vast majority of French buildings are above all thermal sieves. Faced with the disastrous environmental cost they generate, it is urgent to rethink our vision of construction to move towards a more virtuous offer. To do this, … Read more

Persecutions of former leader Jiang Zemin laid the foundation for China’s current digital dictatorship, observers say

Persecutions of former leader Jiang Zemin laid the foundation for

The former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin orchestrated religious repression unequaled in history (against Falun Gong in particular). According to scholars and activists, he deployed tools and methods for this that laid the foundations of China’s current digital dictatorship. Jiang Zemin died on Nov. 30 at the age of 96 in Shanghai from leukemia and multiple … Read more

Champagnes Veuve Cliquot: a digital strategy without rules or dogma

Champagnes Veuve Cliquot a digital strategy without rules or dogma

One word: solar. Only one color: yellow. And, not just any yellow, that of the rising sun. That of people who get up early,that of Madame Clicquot and, her optimism anchored to the body. A young woman who was widowed at the age of 27 with a 3-year-old daughter. A situation that was his greatest … Read more

Does France import 50% of its annual consumption? – Digital Fashion Native

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Historically, France has always been a great agricultural country. However, today, 50% of the French people’s annual consumption is imported. The country, which once was the 2th world exporter of agricultural products, currently finds itself in the 5th place (within 20 years). According to the latest Senate report, the agricultural sector is in full decline. … Read more

Digital signage: when store dramatization supports sales

Digital signage when store dramatization supports sales

In constant growth, communication at the point of sale is very popular with consumers and tends to be massively digitized. “Today, nearly 15% of brands worldwide equip themselves with dynamic displays every year” [1] Building on its success in fast food and thanks to the evolution of technologies, the phenomenon continues to grow. Because the … Read more

Kylian Mbappé and Adrien Rabiot targeted by a “digital army”? PSG denies explosive revelations

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This Wednesday, October 12, Mediapart published an investigation in which we learn that the PSG would have instructed a communication agency to create fake Twitter accounts to carry out “violent and filthy” campaigns against certain club targets but also against its own players, such as than Kylian Mbappé or Adrien Rabiot. A new case that … Read more

Digital: what are the challenges for France? -Forbes France

In our previous article relating to the “France 2030” plan, we mentioned one of the challenges of digital technology consisting of the training, attraction and retention of talent capable of supporting future innovations and developments, against the backdrop of global competition. In addition to this theme, other issues exist in the digital sector, in particular … Read more

Greek horses in the digital age – Arts – Culture

Greek horses in the digital age Arts Culture

Under the title The Myth of 99the Egyptian visual artist Dina Fahmy El-Rouby exhibits 99 paintings, figurative and abstract, at the gallery Cleg, taking different figures of horses. For her first solo exhibition, the artist, who is one of the owners of the gallery, has chosen to immerse us in the world of Greek mythology, … Read more