Like a mystic in ecstasy, the neo-Nîmes artist Pierre Parsus painted the invisible

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The artist, who died on January 1st, is on display at the Chabaud de Graveson museum (Bouches-du-Rhône). When Pierre Parsus came to settle in Nîmes in 1946 to paint in the colors of Cézanne and Van Gogh, the friend who welcomed him took him to the Museum of Fine Arts to see an exhibition by … Read more

Biblical Meditation: The Invisible Kingship of Christ the King

Biblical Meditation The Invisible Kingship of Christ the King

Sunday, November 20, 2022, feast of Christ the King of the Universe,four texts will be read.First Reading Second Book of Samuel (2 S 5, 1-3).Psalm 121.Second reading Letter to the Colossians (Col 1, 12-20).The Gospel according to Saint Luke (Lk 23, 35-43). Luke 23, 35-43 2-4.9-14 At that time, they had just crucified Jesus,and the … Read more

Ordalies, the tribunal of the invisible, by Hadrien La Vapeur and Corto Vaclav | africultures

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Broadcast at midnight (!) September 21, 2022 on France 2, this impressive documentary may have gone unnoticed. It is, however, visible in replay on until January 29, 2023. The directors of the remarkable Congo (cf. review #14941) persist and sign: this new opus comes as a complement and a deepening to their research in … Read more

Ordalies – The tribunal of the invisible

Ordalies The tribunal of the invisible

Summary In Brazzaville, the customary court of Tenrikyo is an institution responsible for resolving witchcraft cases. Aided by psychic investigators, a team of judges strives to unmask the wizards and reconcile the families torn apart by accusations of black magic. Cases follow one another and, between metaphysical verdicts and healing rituals, the vigilantes try to … Read more

Handling the invisible to succeed in a hybrid organization – Forbes France

How to live 24 hours a day with the Holy

While the hybrid working mode – where people working on site and others working remotely coexist – has accelerated over the past two years, it now raises more than questions about the number of days of teleworking and constitutes a real management issue to bring the collective to life. Time wasted on interpersonal misunderstandings, risk … Read more

Antoni Gaudi, the architect of the invisible

Antoni Gaudi the architect of the invisible

Who was Gaudi (1852-1926), the creator of the Sagrada Familia, the giant and futuristic basilica of Barcelona? Author of “Antoni Gaudi, the architect of God” (Artège), Patrick Sbalchiero presents this mystical visionary and genius builder, virtuoso of materials and curves, who put all the resources of his art to reveal the invisible. Outwardly, the life … Read more

In Congo-Brazzaville, witchcraft and justice at the “Ordalies, the court of the invisible”

Welcome to Congo-Brazzaville. “Witchcraft is also a source of poetry, mysticism and identity,” enthuses Corto Vaclav. The young French filmmaker shows in “Ordalies, the court of the invisible” a justice based on very mystical practices which is found at the heart of a system of reconciliation as surreal as it is effective. A cinematographic nugget … Read more

Jack Kerouac: to each his invisible wings

” The candle burns/And when it’s over/The wax lies in cold artistic piles/ —That’s about all I know. » The sublimated novel/autofiction begins with an ecstatic experience. Jack Duluoz, known as Jack Kerouac, alone on the peak of Desolation, nourished by Buddhist readings and a deeply rooted mystical Catholicism, receives a revelation. “When a child … Read more

Connection to the invisible with shamanism in Sainte-Lucie de Porto-Vecchio

1652131320 Connection to the invisible with shamanism in Sainte Lucie de Porto Vecchio

Real awareness or real connection with the invisible, shamanism was for Flora Nizard the equivalent of an emergency exit that allowed her to find herself and see life from a different angle. Discovery of a practice that is atypical to say the least Who says shamanism say magic? Spirits? Psychotropic plants? Native Americans? Sect under … Read more