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While the hybrid working mode – where people working on site and others working remotely coexist – has accelerated over the past two years, it now raises more than questions about the number of days of teleworking and constitutes a real management issue to bring the collective to life.

Time wasted on interpersonal misunderstandings, risk of duplication of teamwork or lack of synergies, excess or loss of commitment… These situations that we do not see if we do not pay attention to them are exacerbated by the archipelization of workplaces and remote work. So how to handle the invisible to succeed in this hybrid organization?

Sharpen your gaze on new elements

Knowing how to detect and decipher implicit signals becomes a high value capability for the company. It makes it possible to identify certain impacts of the hybrid mode on the life of a collective and to be able to take the associated corrective actions. It’s not about divination or magic, it’s mostly about observation and attention.

Who speaks less than before? Are there more excessive reactions in the team? Has the level of commitment to collective rituals changed? Are the flows of information fading?… You have to know how to detect micro-signals of change and empty zones. The way things are done matters as much (or sometimes more) than the result achieved by the team. It is therefore a question of having a discipline of taking a step back regularly to detect micro-signals of change.

Knowing how to reveal the context

When we are next to someone, we can more easily visually perceive what they are experiencing. At a distance, we no longer see the context in which our interlocutor is evolving nor a part of his non-verbal: is he angry? busy ? is he kidding? is it time to disturb him? Is it urgent?
This information on the context of our interlocutor allows us to adapt our behavior. Deprived of these elements, we can misinterpret or simply fall at the wrong time. Learning to make the context explicit, either spontaneously or by having the reflex to ask questions, saves time and energy. Developing a culture of writing and clarifying one’s intentions is also necessary for collaborating remotely.

Invest in the relationship

It is also the misunderstandings and interpersonal tensions that can be amplified in this hybrid way of working. If interpersonal situations are not dealt with quickly, then they become like a poison that circulates invisibly and attacks the collective. And the longer we wait, the more damage it does. However, interpersonal relations make it possible to make working methods more fluid and to overcome difficulties. Putting in place interpersonal regulation mechanisms, that is to say addressing how we work together, systematizing feedback and taking the time to talk to each other in person at the first relational spark, are all actions that are now necessary.

Create new connections

If in appearance the collaborators can feel more productive, we note that the interactions tend to focus naturally on his own team or on the existing affinity networks. This situation can accentuate a work in silo and generate a loss of energy and frustrations. It can also directly impact creativity: by talking to the same people, relational diversity is reduced. Affinity networks, valuable for smoothing the organization and understanding the evolutions of a collective, also become less visible from a distance.
To limit the “closed-loop” effect, everyone, at their own level, can take a step back from their automatic interactions and bring about the opportunity to create new ones or simply to reactivate dormant relational links: who does not have you haven’t spoken for a long time? What minimal opportunity will you exploit to meet new people? … The role of the manager is also evolving, he must become more and more a creator of connections and think of strategies to promote new links within his team or between teams that might not happen spontaneously.

What may seem like small details can quickly affect collective efficiency, like a small pebble that got into your shoe for a hike and hurt you deeply to the point of not being able to walk.

Succeeding in paying attention to these aspects before they become very visible means giving yourself the means to act at the right time and to maintain the fluidity of relationships and organizations over the long term. Everyone must participate in this collective effort, to make more visible what is no longer visible in hybrid mode.

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Handling the invisible to succeed in a hybrid organization – Forbes France

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