After “the witchcraft trials and the stakes” at the RN, Nicolas Bay joins the Zemmour team

Presidential Election 2022case The MEP and leading member of the National Rally announced on Wednesday evening his support for the far-right polemicist, criticizing Marine Le Pen’s “turnarounds and setbacks” and his “refusal of any form of internal debate” in the party. He ended up taking the leap. “I have decided to fully commit myself alongside … Read more

National team of Senegal: At the heart of mystical practices, between players, coaches and dual nationals

National team of Senegal At the heart of mystical practices

Beyond the quality of its players and the contribution of its supporters, the Senegalese national team has always called on a third force to try to win its matches: mystical practices. Present in Senegalese society, the mystical (black magic for some, maraboutage for others) or ”xons” in Wolof, has always (discreetly) accompanied the Senegalese selection. … Read more