Volkswagen ID. Buzz: the mythical combi revived! – Challenges

1675186914 Volkswagen ID Buzz the mythical combi revived Challenges

For more than twenty years, Volkswagen has been dangling the return of the Combi, one of its true historical icons. Probably driven by the enthusiasm around its still recent New Beetle at the time, the Wolfsburg manufacturer had split, at the Detroit Motor Show in 2001, the Microbus concept car, a modern reinterpretation of the … Read more

Neo-Sankarism and Pan-Africanism: Major Challenges in Burkina

Neo Sankarism and Pan Africanism Major Challenges in Burkina

What pan-Africanisms do the young generations of Africans claim? In Burkina Faso, the movement is also in vogue, it makes recruits and it produces emulators of a militant awakening with well-tooled jargons. From this point of view, the heritage of “Sankarism” weighs heavily in the balance. The political events of recent months have given us … Read more

AI: the piano makes its revolution at your fingertips – Challenges

AI the piano makes its revolution at your fingertips

Steinway & Sons offers Silicon Valley services “There is of course a black box, inside the piano, a small computer and a lot of electronic components that process a lot of data”, blows Eric Feidner, the group’s technical director and head of innovation. He is the master craftsman of Spirio, an automatic playing system integrated … Read more

“Morphée democratizes meditation with its disconnected objects” – Challenges

Food voucher E100 plus E50 per child for 9 million

Challenges – Why did you decide to enter the sleep market? Charlie Rousset- France has more than 4 million insomniacs, a phenomenon amplified by stress and anxiety. With my partner, we decided to create a disconnected object that would be based on meditation and sophrology to promote falling asleep. In October 2018, Morphée was marketed … Read more

Six places to practice yoga this summer – Challenges

Six places to practice yoga this summer Challenges

Having become a very fashionable sports practice in recent years, yoga is now well established in Paris. Philosophy and way of life for some, it is recognized to have physical, mental and spiritual benefits. During yoga classes, it is often mentioned the fact of cultivating one’s inner “self”. But what does it really consist of? … Read more

North America Meditation Market Size 2022 – Industry Share, Growth, Opportunities and Challenges 2029 –

North America Meditation Market Size 2022 Industry Share Growth

Understanding segments helps identify the latest research study published by DBMR” Global North America Meditation Market » with over 350 pages of analysis on business strategy adopted by key and emerging industry players and provides know-how on current market development, landscape, technologies, drivers, opportunities, perspective and market status. the importance of various factors contributing to … Read more

Cameroon: challenges to be met to improve the protection of children’s rights – Journal du Cameroun

Posted on 06.16.2022 at 10:35 a.m. by Arnaud Nicolas Mawel While several initiatives are implemented to ensure respect for children’s rights in Cameroon, many challenges challenge the collective conscience. 32 years after the first celebration of the day of the african child, the rights of Cameroonian children are still violated. Some children are still victims … Read more

Ottawa—Vanier: Despite the recovery, many challenges await small businesses

Ottawa—Vanier Despite the recovery many challenges await small businesses

I have at least $100,000 in debtevaluates the businesswoman who is at the head of the Ola Cocina Taquerria restaurant, located on Barrette Street in the Vanier sector. At this point, I don’t know how I’m going to pay it all back. ” I have been in the restaurant business for 40 years. The end … Read more

Digital: what are the challenges for France? -Forbes France

In our previous article relating to the “France 2030” plan, we mentioned one of the challenges of digital technology consisting of the training, attraction and retention of talent capable of supporting future innovations and developments, against the backdrop of global competition. In addition to this theme, other issues exist in the digital sector, in particular … Read more