Nastassja Martin: “Dreaming must once again become a form of resistance”

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Nastassja Martin is an anthropologist. She lived with an Even community in Kamchatka, eastern Siberia. She recounted this experience in Believe in beasts (Verticales, 2019), a magnificent book, and in east of dreams (La Découverte, 2022), recently published. Listen to the full interview with Nastassja Martin, guest of Reporterre, on all platforms : This interview … Read more

Dreaming about your ex: what are the meanings and should you worry about it?

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Whether it’s directly after a breakup or years after it, both men and women dream about their ex. According to the personal evolution of each, this dream could have several meanings. But, whatever the reason, this type of dream is normal and may be a message from our subconscious. Why am I dreaming of my … Read more

Dreaming of the same person regularly: meaning in a dream – She

Dreaming of the same person regularly meaning in a dream

©Getty When the dream sends you several times an image of the same person who is therefore regularly, or often, in your dreams, it is called a recurring dream. It’s not about that real person, but what they mean to you. This means that your subconscious insists on the meaning for you of this person. … Read more

Dreaming of cheating on your spouse: what is the real meaning of this dream according to experts?

Dreaming of cheating on your spouse what is the real

It’s better to be dream that in the realitybut dreams of infidelity do they mean that we really want to go elsewhere? As the site says Marie-Franceno need to panic, have a dream of you beinghave an adventureis more common than you think and it is not premonitory. On the contrary. Theresa Cheung, dream analysis … Read more