Dreaming of being chased: what possible interpretations?

Dream about being chased is often stressful. The scenario is often the same. A person, whose face it is difficult to distinguish, is chasing us. Fear in the stomach, we run, trying to escape him. “VSis a very recurrent dream that we all have already had a time”assures Sylvane Her handanalyst Jungian dreams and sophrologist. … Read more

Dreaming of sleeping with a colleague: what does it mean?

Dreaming of sleeping with a colleague what does it mean

Have you ever dreamed of your work colleague in the privacy of your nights ? Disturbed by why this person is appearing in your sleep, you imagine several explanations for this situation. Especially since you are used to meeting the main character of this dream in a completely different context, more serious, more professional, and … Read more

Dreaming about money: what does it mean?

Dreaming about money, a symbol of success This first interpretation seems the most logical. In the collective imagination, money in a dream announces a prosperous and positive future. And this meaning, which might seem simplistic, is sometimes true! Fortune is synonymous with power and self-confidence. Finding a sum of money in a dreamthis announces future … Read more

Dreaming of Marriage: Here’s What It Means According to Experts

Wedding veils, costumes, rings, bridesmaid dresses and other wedding pieces appear in your dreams while you sleep? Whether you’re obsessed with your wedding or that you never even thought about the idea of ​​you marryit’s your subconscious trying to send you a message. wedding dreams represent more than just a desire to to fall in … Read more

Dreaming of being naked: what are the possible interpretations?

Dream about being naked is not entirely trivial. This creates a feeling of shame that can sometimes accompany us until we wake up. The most common scenario is when you find yourself completely naked in the middle of a crowd. Disconcerted, we no longer know where to stand. What does our unconscious play when we … Read more

Dreaming of losing your teeth: what interpretation?

We have all had this strange dream at least once. Health problem, lack of self-confidence, or life change: dream of losing your teeth can have different interpretations. We tell you everything about the meaning of this scenario as bizarre as it is destabilizing. Dream about losing your teeth: the meanings Rest assured, dream of losing … Read more