Dreaming of having your period: find out what it means

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Did you dream that you had your period? Is this a sign that you need to buy tampons? No, this dream speaks to you of other deep concerns such as the existence of an important and foreseeable event.


Dreaming of having your period: what does it mean?

Whether you are a man or a woman, have you ever dreamed that you were on your period? Indeed, this dream concerns both women and men. But maybe you will recognize yourself in one of the following scenarios:

Scenario 1: You dreamed that you were on your period and you had a bloodstain on your clothes or sheets

In this case, the rules can symbolize embarrassment, embarrassment, discomfort. It can also mean that you are ignoring an important problem, which requires your attention and immediate action. Continuing to ignore it will expose you to negative reactions from those around you. You will be guilty of negligence.

Scenario 2: you dreamed that you had blood (or felt it flowing) in your underwear

Here, the periods can symbolize a cyclical and predictable event or even femininity.

Scenario 3: you dreamed that you had very abundant periods that were difficult to control

It may suggest the loss of energy and vitality. You exert yourself without counting the cost and you risk exhausting yourself prematurely, before having reached your goal. Learn how to manage your resources.

Scenario 4: You dreamed that you didn’t have your period or that you were late on your period and you were worried about it

This dream illustrates your concern about a delay that you experience in your real life. You are frustrated waiting for something that should have already happened.

Be careful, if you dreamed of having periods when you are a man, it can mean that you are developing typically feminine characteristics, such as intuition, empathy, emotionality, but that these changes are making you feel bad. comfortable, because they represent a lack of manhood. You are afraid that people will think you are effeminate.

Dreaming of having your period: what does psychoanalysis say?

Freud’s vision

To dream of menstruation is also to dream of blood. But for Sigmund Freud, blood symbolizes a powerful desire for pleasure. Having your period can be a sign of an increased libido.

Jung’s vision

For Carl Gustav Jung, a dream in which there is the presence of blood announces a personal awareness and necessary changes in his relationship to himself and to others.

Dreaming of having your period: what to do about this dream?

If you have dreamed that you were having your period, it is interesting to ask yourself about:

  • the existence of a foreseeable event that you could possibly avoid;
  • a situation that bothers you or causes you embarrassment;
  • the existence of an important event that you are nevertheless in the process of missing (or missing out on). Your unconscious tells you to react;
  • the possible feeling that you are losing your vitality. Maybe you’re overspending or wasting your energy on something unrewarding? Your subconscious tells you to put on the brakes.

If you have dreamed that your period was late, then you may be looking forward to something. Or that something that still hasn’t happened is frustrating you. It’s best to identify the source of your frustration and fix it, or make up your mind that this wish won’t come true.

Finally, if you are a man and you dream that you are having your period, then you are rejecting some of your feelings or behaviors that you consider too effeminate. Perhaps you should question yourself in order to identify what seemed feminine or “unmanly” to you.

It is recommended to speak about your dream of menstruation to a psychologist if you want an accurate interpretation in the light of your personal history: “Dreams are messages from our unconscious: a dream that has not been interpreted is like a letter which has not been read”, according to Samuel Mergui, psychologist and founder of the youtube channel Psychorama.

Indeed, dreams are manifestations of our deep and repressed desires, conflicts and anxieties. “Dreams use symbols to represent what our unconscious hides. We are talking about figuration. Other mechanisms are involved, such as displacement (what appears in the dream is less painful than what it echoes) or even condensation (several representations come together in one)”, continues the specialist.

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Dreaming of having your period: find out what it means

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