Dreaming of a baby, what does it mean?

Whether you see yourself as a baby, a parent of a baby, or even attending a childbirth, dream of baby is quite common. If this dream can echo a desire for parenthood, there are many other interpretations.

What does the baby symbolize in a dream?

“The baby symbolizes life, change, transformation. In our dreams, it expresses the emergence of a primitive vital force, of a new inner energy,” explains Jennifer Puech, a Jungian psychoanalyst.

The baby is always an aspect of the dreamer’s personality. “It represents a potential that is still too immature to express itself autonomously and which needs to grow within us,” she analyzes. The infant evokes something in your own inner nature that is pure, vulnerable, innocent. “This very young facet of our personality is still fragile. We must therefore be attentive and take care of it, as we would for an infant, so that it flourishes. The dream invites us to take care of this part of ourselves”, develops Jennifer Puech.

“The context of the dream tells us what this new capacity is and what the ‘food’ it needs to develop”, specifies the psychoanalyst.

Dreaming of a baby, a sign of a desire for parenthood?

At first reading, the desire for parenthood appears. For Jennifer Puech, there are two levels of understanding in the dream: “The first level is the manifest content: the images as they appear, which is conscious. The second level is the latent content: what these images hide through their symbols, what is unconscious”.

The dream can express the desire to have a child. “A project that we carry in the depths of our unconscious even before it is manifested in the flesh, embodied in the maternal womb”, explains the specialist. But this type of dream also reflects “an unconscious desire for change, repair and healing of wounds of the past “, she remarks. “The aspiration to parenthood carries with it the fantasy of the imaginary child: the one who can repair everything, fill everything, accomplish everything and thus transform us”.

Dreaming of a baby when we are pregnant, a reflection of our anxieties

that a pregnant woman dreams of a baby is nothing surprising and does not require lengthy interpretations. “She manifests certain anxieties, conscious or unconscious, concerning the child to come and all that that implies”, indicates Jennifer Puech.

This dream reveals, depending on its scenario, the natural fears and desires inspired by the birth of a child. “The pregnant woman wonders about her childhood, her identity (daughter/woman/mother), her body, her relationship with her own mother, her ability to become a mother herself. Pregnancy therefore activates psychological questioning, a source of significant inner anxieties”, underlines the expert. “The dream is a space where these preoccupations find a place of expression. The context of the dream will specify what the issues are,” she explains.

The baby as a representation of a project

The theme of parenthood is often synonymous with a project. Here again, the context of the dream is to be put into perspective. ” baby’s dream tells us about our creativity. He peut Expressr a project that we carry and which must come to an end in order to be realized and prosper”, deciphers Jennifer Puech. “If the project is already realized, dreamr baby invites us to feed it, to take care of it so that it develops. This kind of dream is an invitation to turn to uss desirestowards what drives us and carries us,” she recommends.

The baby in a dream represents the birth of something. It can be a facet of yourself that needs your attention and your love, or the building of your romantic, friendly or family relationships. ” If we dream that we are taking care of someone else’s baby, it can mean that we give too much time to others, that we don’t worry enough about ourselves and our needs”, explains the Jungian psychoanalyst. An invitation to refocus on yourself.

” Occasionally, the dreamer or the dreamer looking for her baby but did not find ite not. He is lost, ”continues Jennifer Puech. ” Those circumstances are very scaryes. In these dreams we are looking for nos deep capacities and nos desires buried. But we don’t parveno not find them. We are cut off from a part of ourselves”.

Dreaming of a baby girl or boy, different symbolisms

According to Jennifer Puech, thehe sex of the baby has an importance in the dream interpretation. ” Each of us, man or woman, carries within him two polarities: the masculine and the feminine. These internal energies come to tell us about some of our behaviors so that we can become aware of them to adjust them, to balance them, ”she notes.

Thus, the feminine is linked to introspection. “ Il reflects our creativity, our emotional worldour inner life, our spirituality and our intuition. The masculine is rather turned outwards and ” tells us about our actions, our assertivenessof our relationship to the other, of our mind and our intellect”, specifies the therapist. ” Thus, din a dream, baby’s gender reflects one of these two energies and we iinvite to the develop or at I’harmonize”.

Specific interpretations according to the health of the baby

The health of the baby reflects how we take care of this energy. ” For example, a crying baby may mean that we are giving up a potential or a capacity within us. This new energy manifests itself and demands our attention,” explains Jennifer Puech. Dreaming about a sick baby is a warning sign. “It represents a part of us abandoned, left behind,” she says. The dream then invites us to become aware.

If you dream of a premature baby, it may refer to the inability to express new emerging energy. “For example, if it’s a project maybe we want to go too fast, we’re too impatient. Prematurity comes to signal to us that we must take the time, that the project or the idea must mature before becoming a reality”, remarks the Jungian analyst of dreams.

“If we have to take care of a premature baby that is not ours, we may experience a situation where someone expects too much from us, they want to give us responsibilities that we are not able to assume. “, she adds.

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Dreaming of a baby, what does it mean?

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