Dreaming of fire: what does it mean?

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Dreaming of fire, what does it mean?

You dreamed of fire and this vision during your dream did not leave you indifferent? Is it the sign of a threat, a feeling of anger or an inner strength?

The answer.

Dreaming of fire: what does it mean?

Many of you have dreamed of fire. Unlike water, which embodies femininity, fire offers you a masculine dream. Like water, fire also enables spiritual cleansing (fire washing) symbolizing purification. But beware, fire can also be a negative manifestation of your unconscious since it is the allegory of anger and destruction (don’t we say “burn with hatred”?).

The meaning of your dream depends on its precise elements and the scenario:

Scenario 1: Controlled fire

If you have dreamed of a controlled fire like a wood fire or a chimney fire, then it is a positive dream. Your subconscious sends you a warm message and demonstrates your ability to control your emotions and events.

Scenario 2: Uncontrolled fire

If you have dreamed of an uncontrolled, even devastating fire like a fire or an explosion, it is rather a warning message that your subconscious sends you. You may feel overwhelmed or threatened by your own emotions or external events. You are prey to outbursts of anger that could cause you harm. If your own body is burning in your dream, you tend to self-destruct or sabotage. Finally, if the fire is particularly agitated, even aggressive, it is because you do not feel calm.

Dreaming of fire: what does psychoanalysis say?

Freud’s vision

For Sigmund Freud, fire represents a threat, a destructive instinct capable of surging if the dreamer yields to the expression of his libido and his forbidden impulses. The fire destroys the superego (psychic instance of vigilance and guardian of morality and the Law) to impose its power.

Jung’s vision

According to Carl Gustav Jung, fire embodies virility and purification. Dreaming of fire is very positive and symptomatic of a feeling of power and success. However, if you had a nightmare (dreaming of a fire or an explosion…), then it is because you were afraid of facing a psychic work that you know is nevertheless necessary for your evolution.

Dreaming of fire: what to do about this dream?

Uncontrolled fire

If you dreamed of an uncontrolled fire like a fire, you are currently experiencing emotions that are difficult to control like anger. Your subconscious invites you to accept these distressing feelings and avoid repressing them (which could lead to depression).

Controlled fire

If you have dreamed of a controlled fire (like a chimney fire, for example), then it is undoubtedly that you can congratulate yourself on your powerful self-control in the face of recent events or your own inner turmoil.

Attention, these archetypes have only an indicative value. For an accurate interpretation, it is recommended to talk about your fire dream to a psychologist.

It is important to understand the meaning of your dreams: “Dreams are messages from our unconscious: a dream that has not been interpreted is like a letter that has not been read”, according to Samuel Mergui, psychologist and founder of the Psychorama youtube channel.

Indeed, dreams are manifestations of our deep and repressed desires, conflicts and anxieties. “Dreams use symbols to represent what our unconscious hides. We are talking about figuration. Other mechanisms are involved, such as displacement (what appears in the dream is less painful than what it echoes) or even condensation (several representations come together in one)”, continues the specialist.

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Dreaming of fire: what does it mean?

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