Dreaming of being pregnant: find out what it means!

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Dream of being pregnant: what does it mean?

Have you dreamed of being pregnant? Is this the sign you would like to give birth to? Not necessarily !

Dreaming of being pregnant often means that a project is in progress. Your feelings and the course of the pregnancy in your dream reveal your view of this plan.


Dream of being pregnant: what does it mean?

The dream of being pregnant can concern both men and women. Many of you have had this dream. Maybe you recognize yourself in one of the following scenarios:

Scenario 1

You dreamed that you were pregnant and that you were announcing the news to your happy or devastated entourage.

Scenario 2

You dreamed that you were pregnant when it was not your choice.

Scenario 3

You dreamed that you were pregnant and delighted to be.

Scenario 4

You dreamed that you were pregnant and admired your round belly.

Scenario 5

You dreamed that you were pregnant but made the decision to have an abortion or suffered a miscarriage.

Pregnancy is the representation of an ongoing project. You may have a goal to accomplish. If the pregnancy is badly lived in the dream or if you dream of miscarriage or even abortion, it means that you feel that your plan is failing or that you may want to abandon it.

Dreaming of being pregnant: what does psychoanalysis say?

Freud’s vision

For Sigmund Freud, a woman who dreams of being pregnant must question herself about a repressed oedipal desire to have a child with her own father. If it is a man who dreams of being pregnant, it is a sign of poorly integrated masculinity and perhaps a repressed desire to change sex. According to Freud, dreaming of being pregnant can also reveal questions about the sexuality of one’s parents at the origin of one’s own birth.

Jung’s view

For Carl Gustav Jung, the dream of being pregnant is a sign of the arrival of a new stage in his life. It can also be a coming of age and elevation of one’s inner life.

Dreaming of being pregnant: what to do about this dream?

If you dreamed that you were pregnant, you should wonder about the existence of:

  • any ongoing project;
  • a future change or development;
  • an opportunity ;
  • a transition period;
  • new responsibilities;
  • a real desire to have children.

Attention, the archetypes have only an indicative value: “it is preferable to speak about your dream to a psychoanalyst. The latter will help you to interpret your dream after a brief description. He will also take into consideration the context and the elements of your life that could explain your dream. In addition, the psychologist could encourage you to recall elements of the dream that you do not remember because they have been repressed”, according to Samuel Mergui, psychologist and founder of Psychorama youtube channel.

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Dreaming of being pregnant: find out what it means!

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