Dreaming about your ex: what are the meanings and should you worry about it?

Whether it’s directly after a breakup or years after it, both men and women dream about their ex. According to the personal evolution of each, this dream could have several meanings. But, whatever the reason, this type of dream is normal and may be a message from our subconscious.

Why am I dreaming of my ex years later?

Like many dreams, dreaming about your ex may have nothing to do with the dreamer’s current situation. A person may be fulfilled in their private life and occasionally dream of a past relationship. But for psychologists, dreams are a manifestation of our unconscious in the face of a particular situation. In single people, dreaming of your ex can be a sign of a lack of affection or a materialization of frustration at the difficulties of finding someone. But in people in a relationship, this dream can be related to a lack or a negative experience.

Dreaming about your ex or a former love: a sign of a problem in a current romantic relationship

When a person in a relationship begins to dream of their ex, it can be interpreted as a warning signal from the subconscious. The dream then echoes an ex who mistreated, a former toxic relationship or bad memories of married life. It can be a sign that a person is going through the same situation again with a new partner and is using a violent, jealous or abusive ex as a reference. It can also be a sign of a lack to be filled by the former partner. Analyzing the situation and discussing it is a first step to warding off the dream. However, it can also occur when approaching a new relationship, as a sign of worry about the past.

Dreaming of your ex, also a sign of nostalgia or still present feelings

Another meaning of this type of dream relates to nostalgia. Seeing a detail evoking a past memory can prompt the mind to daydream about its ex. But this dream can occur when there is no longer any feeling towards this person. However, one of the most common explanations is that dreaming of your ex recalls nostalgia for the past couple and happy moments. The interpretation of the dream is that there are still feelings towards this person, but these can be repressed. This is particularly the case for people who have been victims of rupture. This type of dream is common among people who have recently been left behind. The acceptance process can then take time.

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What are the signs of a permanent breakup?

In order to help the mind grieve a relationship, spotting the signs of a permanent breakup may be necessary. The first sign to look out for is a lack of communication. A silence, whether it concerns messages or calls, is a sign that the partner no longer wishes to speak and wishes to move on.

The second sign to look out for is the other person’s possible new life. The third important sign is lack of effort on the part of the ex. If an implication or a desire to change is present on one side of the couple, this may not exist on the other partner.

Finally, the last sign of a definitive rupture is a anxiety or constant stress. The simple fact of sharing the room with a person who does not experience similar feelings causes a progressive state of stress, to the point of becoming toxic. Faced with these situations, resuming a life as a couple is impossible and the breakup is then inevitable.

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Dreaming about your ex: what are the meanings and should you worry about it?

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