Dreaming about your ex: what are the meanings and should you worry about it?

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Whether it’s directly after a breakup or years after it, both men and women dream about their ex. According to the personal evolution of each, this dream could have several meanings. But, whatever the reason, this type of dream is normal and may be a message from our subconscious. Why am I dreaming of my … Read more

The different meanings of a dream related to money

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Dreaming of money can mean success This first interpretation seems the most logical. In the collective imagination, money in a dream announces a prosperous and positive future. And this meaning, which might seem simplistic, is sometimes true! Wealth is synonymous with power and self-confidence. Finding a sum of money in a dreamthis announces future savings … Read more

Buddhist Mudras (hand gestures) and their meanings in Feng Shui | Nostrodomus

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What is a mudra? A mudra is a Sanskrit word meaning sign. You may have used a mudra in your yoga class. Or if you look at any image of the Buddha, he always holds a mudra. On a superficial level, a mudra is often indicated as a hand gesture. However, mudras have a deeper … Read more

Dream interpretation: the most frequent meanings

Dream interpretation the most frequent meanings

Have the impression of falling out of bed, dreaming of losing our teeth, or that our darling is going to see elsewhere? It’s normal now. Every night, our brain solicits our imagination to create scenariossometimes wacky, the time of our sleep. While some dreams are unique, others come up frequently. We tend to think of … Read more

The hidden spiritual meanings of the poppy

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Skinny and fluffy stem, red dress quickly crumpled or flown away… In the family of wildflowers, the poppy can be spotted at first glance by its scarlet face, like the cockscomb which gave it its name. , among wild chicory, blueberries, dandelions, soapwort and angelica… It immediately announces the color, in the monochrome fields or … Read more

Here are 10 most common dreams and their meanings

Dreams would have the ability to subconsciously express certain desires, fears or desires, especially if they are recurrent. If you woke up with vivid images of a dream still imprinted in your memory, this article might interest you! According to a survey conducted by Amerisleepthese dreams are the most often reported and common. At the … Read more