Nastassja Martin: “Dreaming must once again become a form of resistance”

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Nastassja Martin is an anthropologist. She lived with an Even community in Kamchatka, eastern Siberia. She recounted this experience in Believe in beasts (Verticales, 2019), a magnificent book, and in east of dreams (La Découverte, 2022), recently published. Listen to the full interview with Nastassja Martin, guest of Reporterre, on all platforms : This interview … Read more

Ego-system or Eco-system, extract from the teachings of Martin Aylward on the Mind application –

Ego system or Eco system extract from the teachings of Martin Aylward

“We live in intense times, in times of political dysfunction, economic uncertainty, social polarization and ecological degradation. Large-scale protests have taken place around the world such as those led by Extinction Rebellion and its partners. They are sounding the alarm about our ecological situation, using nonviolent direct action to pressure governments and big business to … Read more

Tourism in Saint Martin is making a comeback after Irma

Astro your horoscope for Tuesday July 5 2022

Although there is still work to be done, this unshakeable island is ready to welcome visitors with new infrastructure, renovated resorts and unparalleled natural beauty. St. Maarten, the half-Dutch, half-French jewel of the Leeward Islands, has been a popular vacation destination for Americans since the 1950s. 5 Irma raged on the island for eight whole … Read more

Coldplay’s Chris Martin performs “Buityful” with the Weirdos

Julee Cruise, whose voice was an integral part of many Lynch projects such as ” Twin Peaks ” and ” blue-velvet “, died at the age of 65. Singer Julee Cruise, whose haunting voice made her a favored collaborator with filmmaker David Lynch, has died aged 65. The news has been confirmed on Facebook by … Read more