Dreaming of cheating on your spouse: what is the real meaning of this dream according to experts?

It’s better to be dream that in the realitybut dreams of infidelity do they mean that we really want to go elsewhere? As the site says Marie-Franceno need to panic, have a dream of you beinghave an adventureis more common than you think and it is not premonitory. On the contrary.

Theresa Cheung, dream analysis told the magazine Bustle : “Dreaming is a different state of consciousness, in which limits and consequences do not exist as in real life”. She added: “Curiosity is natural and humans are sexual beings, so absolutely anyone can dream of cheating, even people who are deeply in love with their partner.“In short, it’s totally natural and normal.

Cheating on your partner in a dream: should you be worried?

As surprising as it may seem, unfaithfulness in one dream is not not necessarily negative. It is actually about abstract visions : your subconscious releases your emotions and tries to take stock of your life. The expert confirms by specifying: “A lot of times it’s about fears buried deep within us that our brain spins into stories as we go through REM sleep. Don’t worry, because this is when the brain assimilates the events and information you have gathered throughout the day.

Possible meanings

Nevertheless there is 4 possible meanings when one dreams of infidelity. Here they are :

  • #1 You feel guilty about something

The expert explained that feel guilty of something could cause a dream of infidelity : “Although there is no universal interpretation, one of the most common reasons people dream of cheating on their partner is because they feel guilty about something in their current life..”

  • #2 You are missing something

This type of dream can sometimes be developer of what you feel in your relationship. Maybe you lack freedom? That you don’t dare certain things, that your current life is not the one you want? : “How you feel in the dream is the key to how you feel in real life”, specifies the analyst.

  • #3 You need to spice up your relationship

Dream about infidelity may also be indicative of a need for rekindle the flame or to spice up your relationship. Take stock of your desires, talk about them with your partner and everything will be settled.

  • #4 You’re not honest with yourself

As surprising as it may seem, dream of infidelity towards someone else is often indicative of a lack of honesty towards oneself. The expert explains:Dreams about adultery can be disturbing upon waking up, but if your mind decides to present you as the culprit in the story, that’s a clear sign that you need to take responsibility in your waking life.. You’ve probably betrayed yourself in some way, and the only person who can change that is you.” At least you have been warned.

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Dreaming of cheating on your spouse: what is the real meaning of this dream according to experts?

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