Abortion. Margaret Atwood: “The Supreme Court wants to enforce laws from the 17th century”

In the early 1980s, I embarked on writing a science fiction novel about a future in which the United States had broken up. Part of the country was now a theocratic dictatorship based on the religious doctrine and jurisprudence of Puritan New England in the 17and century. I had set the scene in the vicinity … Read more

Who are the new witches of the 21st century?

Once hunted down and burned, the witch has been gradually rehabilitated since the 19th century. The witch today embodies a multitude of figures, starting with that of the benefactress magician associated with neo-pagan movements. One of the best known is wicca (inspired by the English witch, “witch”), codified in the 1950s in England. This religion … Read more

Botticelli, itinerary of a child prodigy: a mystical end of the 15th century

WEBSERIES 8/9 – Le Figaro Special Edition devotes an exceptional issue to the painter of Spring. In The Mystical NativitySandro reveals the anguish caused to him by the execution of Savonarola. “I, Alessandro, painted this picture at the end of the year 1500 during the troubles in Italy, when the eleventh chapter of Saint John … Read more