What happened to John Woo’s Metroid movie? – CNET

Yoga of sound when singing takes a relaxing turn

For decades, Hollywood producers have scoured the IP mines for this groundbreaking video game to fit, disregarding the right herd of canaries. The 2000s in particular were a graveyard of once-promising franchises, including some of the most recognizable titles like Loss and silent Hilland who could forget the terrible reign of a Uwe Boll? At … Read more

Superman Chronicles (John Byrne), JSA Chronicles and Flashpoint Beyond (Geoff Johns) land in 2023 at Urban Comics | DC Planet

Bill Callahan Thomas Kahn Pixies Alexis HK… Notre selection musicale

Excellent news for French readers who will be able to discover in France from 2023 Superman Chronicles of John Byrnebut also JSA Chronicles (Justice Society of America) and Flashpoint Beyond of Geoff Johns. Geoff Johns’ JSA Chronicles and Flashpoint Beyond are coming in 2023 It was during a long interview with the editorial director ofUrban … Read more

John Dee, ancestor of James Bond: the very first 007 was a 16th century scientist

John Dee ancestor of James Bond the very first 007

The historian Viviane Perret answered the question of Anaïs who wondered, in the emission of the P’tis boats “why is James Bond called 007?“. That is, where does its creator Ian Fleming found the idea for this number? From the books and films, it is known that he represents James Bond’s license to kill and … Read more

Saint John Damascene: the miracle of the Virgin

Saint John Damascene the miracle of the Virgin

Born in Damascus around 675, priest before 726 in Jerusalem, preacher attached to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, he died around 749. He is the great defender of images representing Christ and the saints, but this defense is secondary in a synthesis admirably vast. The power of this theologian gives a singular scope to … Read more

Message from Isaac John to Bertrand Zibi. | 7joursinfo.com

Message from Isaac John to Bertrand Zibi 7joursinfocom

Isaac John, Gabonese cultural actor. Very dear big brother Bertrand Zibi Abeghe, Your liberation is a rebirth! It is a great joy and at the same time a great emotion shared between tears and shivers for me to know you are finally free and among yours. I cried, howled, shouted, sang, vociferated, with all the … Read more

Beatification of John Paul I: Ask Him for the “Smile of the Soul” – ZENIT – English

Horoscope the month of July will be very very complicated

Pope Francis evoked ‘the pope with a smile’ at the end of his homily at the Mass for the beatification of the Servant of God, Pope John Paul I, on: “let us ask him, he said, to get us” the smile of the soul”, transparent, which does not deceive, the smile of the soul”. In … Read more

John Cage : 10 (petites) choses que vous ne saviez (peut-être) pas sur le créateur de 4’33’’

Plus que tout autre pionnier radical de la musique du XXe siècle, John Cage a révolutionné les principes fondamentaux de son art ainsi que les modes d’écoute de son public. Si l’œuvre de Cage suscite la question : « qu’est-ce que la musique ? », il y répondra de manière simple : « Tout ce que nous faisons … Read more

John Debney | Seriefonia

For this new issue of Seriefonia, head for Pirate Island with composer John Debney. [« SérieFonia : Season IV : Opening Credits » – Jerôme Marie] [Extrait Sonore « Cutthroat Island »] [« Cutthroat Island – Main Title » – John Debney] This week, I wanted a little action in SérieFonia… Old fashioned. With raging orchestras, marked melodies, deployed … Read more