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Les avatars musicaux de James Cameron Seriefonia VL.webp

Après des années à attendre, le nouveau volet d’Avatar est dans les salles. L’occasion de revenir en musique sur son réalisateur James Cameron. [Extrait Sonore « Avatar »] [« SérieFonia : Season V : Opening Credits » – Jerôme Marie] C’est le deuxième mercredi du mois et c’est SérieFonia… 13 ans… Pas moins de 13 ans séparent … Read more

Avatar: The Way of the Water – James Cameron – review

Summary : Jake Sully and Ney’tiri have formed a family and do everything to stay as close together as possible. However, they are forced to leave their homes and explore the different still mysterious regions of Pandora. When an old threat resurfaces, Jake will have to fight an uphill war against the humans. Critical : … Read more

“Avatar 2”: Is James Cameron signing a grandiose film with “The Way of the Water”?

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It took viewers 13 years to return to Pandora. Remember, in 2009, James Cameron unveiled the story of‘Avatar. An ambitious film with a substantial budget (315 million dollars) which had been thought up in 1995, during the preproduction of titanic. The feature film, when it was released, amazed the public thanks to its clever and … Read more

The NBA is unanimous, the successor to LeBron James has already been found

The NBA is unanimous the successor to LeBron James has.webp

NBA The NBA is unanimous, the successor to LeBron James has already been found Published on October 20, 2022 at 12:35 p.m. LeBron James has reached the heights of the NBA by meeting the expectations placed on him from his beginnings in the elite of American basketball. As for his succession, it seems that it … Read more

Derry Girls: 7 Nastiest James Moments (& 6 Most Touching) | Pretty Reel

Derry Girls 7 Nastiest James Moments 6 Most Touching

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Derry Girls Season 3. in a variety of ways, always hilarious. The fact that one of the full members of this group is, in fact, a boy is never taken into account, as neither the show nor the viewers seem overly concerned with technicality. That is, until Michelle said … Read more

John Dee, ancestor of James Bond: the very first 007 was a 16th century scientist

John Dee ancestor of James Bond the very first 007

The historian Viviane Perret answered the question of Anaïs who wondered, in the emission of the P’tis boats “why is James Bond called 007?“. That is, where does its creator Ian Fleming found the idea for this number? From the books and films, it is known that he represents James Bond’s license to kill and … Read more

The day when the apostle James, discouraged, received in Zaragoza the visit of the Virgin

The day when the apostle James discouraged received in Zaragoza

On October 12, Spain celebrates Our Lady of Pilar, patroness of Hispanicity, closely linked in the hearts of Spaniards to the Apostle James. Without the miraculous intervention of the Virgin Mary on a mysterious pillar still visible, “Santiago” indeed, would perhaps not have remained and… returned to Spain. It is perhaps the oldest of the … Read more

L’incroyable histoire de James Leininger, l’enfant réincarné

La dimension collective du mal a travers lhistoire sous la

James est un garçon américain pas comme les autres. Dès 2 ans, son comportement étonne et dérange. Après des années d’interrogations et de recherches, ses parents arrivent à cette conclusion : il est la réincarnation d’un pilote de chasse de la Seconde Guerre mondiale… « Avion en feu ! Avion en feu ! » Les … Read more