Arles 2022: Louis Vuitton Editions: Miles Aldrige – Cordoue – The Eye of Photography Magazine

Synonymous with the art of traveling since 1854, Louis Vuitton continues to add titles to its “Fashion Eye” collection. Each book evokes a city, a region or a country, seen through the eyes of a photographer. Since his first trip to Cordoba, Miles Aldrige has kept the same loving gaze for the luxury and heaviness … Read more

Honoris III: Tribute to Bauhaus: vampires under the light – Benzine Magazine

Honoris III Tribute to Bauhaus vampires under the light

Sixteen groups pay homage to the British goth-glam band BAUHAUS, which had its moment of glory during the 80’s. The compilation Honoris III reflects their influence on a whole section of the current music scene. Photo by Fin Costello/Redferns In August 1979, Bauhaus records his first 45 rpm, the famous Bela Lugosi’s Dead. VSe tube … Read more

30 ans après, le légendaire magazine rock Creem revient

À l’occasion de l’anniversaire de la naissance de Prince, Rolling Stone replonge dans ses plus grands morceaux. « Ce qui manque à la musique pop, c’est le danger« , a déclaré Prince dans une interview accordée au Guardian en 2006. « Il n’y a pas d’excitation et de mystère. » Il faut dire que le danger, l’excitation et le mystère ont … Read more

To think is to say no? | Philosophy magazine n°160

To think is to say no Philosophy magazine n°160

To imagine oneself as a goat, to take oneself for Napoleon or for Wonder Woman, to hide behind a mask, a vector of power… The contemporary imagination harbors multiple role-playing games aimed at evading identity assignments. Becoming other: the idea of ​​escaping oneself (one’s face, one’s flesh, one’s language) has crossed us probably since childhood. … Read more

Venice Biennale: Roger Ballen: The Theater of Apparitions – The Eye of Photography Magazine

Text by Marguerite Rossouw When Roger Ballen was selected to represent South Africa at the Venice Biennale, we immediately realized that his photographs “The Theater of Apparitions” would be the best choice. This series was created over an eight-year period, from 2005 to 2013. It was called theater because much of Ballen’s work can be … Read more

Our best tips for dressing trendy and comfy this summer – Ô Magazine

Our best tips for dressing trendy and comfy this summer

With the temperature rising and summer just around the corner, we want to wear colorful looks and create a casual style based on little shorts and dresses as light as the breeze. By Hélène Kaufmant Like every year, higher levels of sunshine erase our seasonal depression and make us happier and happiness-prone. With this state … Read more

Mindfulness: I meditate at work with Stéphane Nau | O Magazine

Mindfulness I meditate at work with Stephane Nau O

How to fight burnout? Stéphane Nau, expert in mindfulness meditation and certified coach, urges us to meditate. Take a break to better refocus: what if the solution to suffering at work was through meditation? In the interview he gave us, he explains the benefits, including in the business world… Article written by: ZIEL Jerome In … Read more

David Turnley: Ukraine: Photographing the Soul of Humanity – Part 2 – The Eye of Photography Magazine

15 days ago, Peter Turnley entrusted us with his images. Today it’s David Turnley his twin brother who does the same: 38 images that we publish in two parts accompanied by his very touching testimony.Jean Jacques Naudet Photographing the Soul of Humanity – Ukraine – by David Turnley (2) After a few days in Lviv, … Read more

La divination par l’écaille de tortue – Chine Magazine

La divination par lecaille de tortue Chine Magazine

Ce type de divination est appelé la « chéloniomancie« , il s’agit d’une extrêmement élaborée de « scapulomancie » pratiqué par les Yin, de la dynastie Shang, également appelée la dynastie Yin. Vieille de près de 4 000 ans, la divination par l’écaille de tortue fait partie intégrante de la culture chinoise et avait à l’époque pour unique but … Read more