Bamako Encounters 2022, Chapter 4: Seydou Keita Memorial – The Eye of Photography Magazine

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Bamako Encounters, Chapter 4 – Dwelling made of fallen angel feathers The Bamako Encounters – African Photography Biennale deliver a high-flying 2022 edition, centered on “on multiplicity, difference, becoming and heritage”. Our correspondent Arthur Dayras recounts the fourth exhibition organized at Memorial Modibo Keita. Lovers of the verb of Aimé Césaire will have recognized the … Read more

“Saint Omer” by Alice Diop: the judgment of Medea – Benzine Magazine

Saint Omer by Alice Diop the judgment of Medea

Singular film taken from the real trial of an infanticide, Saint-Omer is a very great moment in cinema, and makes us go through intense emotions. After the triumph of Venice, can we dream of an Oscar? Kayije Kagame – Copyright SRAB FILMS ARTE FRANCE CINEMA 2022 In 2013, Fabienne Kabou abandoned her little girl to … Read more

Dungeon Monsters, volume 16 – Somewhere Else: a good lawyer is a dead lawyer… – Benzine Magazine

Dungeon Monsters volume 16 Somewhere Else a good lawyer

Somewhere Else is certainly the most original Dungeon tome… of all? But is it really a good thing? Because if we have a lot of fun in front of this story of lawyers and the living dead, are we really still in the Dungeon? © 2022 Delcourt You were wondering what could be the origin … Read more

Discovery | The TransVésubienne as a duo: a trip to hell, it’s something to share! – Vojo Magazine

Discovery The TransVesubienne as a duo a trip to

Today, Gaby has moved away from competition and finds her pleasure in moving from one sport to another to explore the mountains by combining skiing, mountaineering, climbing, trail running, bikepacking and much more. obviously mountain biking. For my part, I have kept in touch with racing and I train mainly on my bike. I had … Read more

Astrology: what my sign says about my personality | O Magazine

10 good reasons to eat figs So Busy Girls

You may see astrology as a superfluous belief. Moreover, the only representation that you have of it are these ladies on TV or on the radio who draw the cards somewhat at random. But astrology is taken very seriously by Generation Z, especially thanks to social networks like Tik Tok. In this article, we present … Read more

Comment Remco Evenepoel a une fois de plus défié toute les logiques cyclistes (et continue de nous étonner) – Sport/Foot Magazine

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À 22 ans déjà, Remco Evenepoel est là où il a toujours rêvé d’être : au sommet absolu de la pyramide cycliste internationale. Aujourd’hui, après sa victoire à la Vuelta, il est devenu champion du monde d’une manière inédite (pour l’époque moderne du cyclisme).Analyse. Il avait enfourché un vélo en compétition seulement depuis un an … Read more



BY Clemence Bouquerod Sep 19, 2022 Tarology, rituals, lithotherapy, numerology… Witchcraft has always been closely linked to spirituality. But with the feminist double meaning that the word “witches” has taken on today, we wondered what became of these women of another gender. Reportage. Lithotherapy – © Sarah Brown The word witch is heavy with meaning. … Read more

Kasabian – The Alchemist’s Euphoria: a lesson in resilience and rebirth – Benzine Magazine

Kasabian – The Alchemists Euphoria a lesson in resilience and

We did not give much of the skin of our dear Kasabians after the dismissal of Tim Meighan. We were wrong: Serge Pizzorno is back with another magnificent record, which knows how to evolve towards greater depth without losing the essence of the band. Photo: Neil Bradford One of the things that struck us the … Read more

Arles 2022: Louis Vuitton Editions: Miles Aldrige – Cordoue – The Eye of Photography Magazine

Synonymous with the art of traveling since 1854, Louis Vuitton continues to add titles to its “Fashion Eye” collection. Each book evokes a city, a region or a country, seen through the eyes of a photographer. Since his first trip to Cordoba, Miles Aldrige has kept the same loving gaze for the luxury and heaviness … Read more

Honoris III: Tribute to Bauhaus: vampires under the light – Benzine Magazine

Honoris III Tribute to Bauhaus vampires under the light

Sixteen groups pay homage to the British goth-glam band BAUHAUS, which had its moment of glory during the 80’s. The compilation Honoris III reflects their influence on a whole section of the current music scene. Photo by Fin Costello/Redferns In August 1979, Bauhaus records his first 45 rpm, the famous Bela Lugosi’s Dead. VSe tube … Read more