5 tips to effectively combat stress on a daily basis

-The stress of our daily lives is perhaps one of the strongest characteristics of modern life. It is a problem which concerns all generations and which can be lived with real difficulties in extreme cases. If stress has good sides in certain exceptional situations to overcome, for most people it remains an annoyance that slowly poisons daily life, with repercussions on well-being and health. Let’s take a look at the advice most commonly offered by specialists in the matter.

Engage in a regular morning meditation practice

A meditative practice in the morning, and health experts promise real, measurable effects on your state of mind and well-being all day long. In fact, many celebrities in the most diverse sectors of activity have in recent years tried this practice to limit daily stress, and to improve their performance. Much more than a simple tendency, meditation would therefore have real benefits on the perception that we have of the situations that we have to face every day. It releases entrenched tensions, and promotes more controlled breathing. Meditation helps to clarify thoughts in a remarkable way. Learn more about morning meditationand you too can enjoy a better grip on stress at work or in your everyday life.


Put particular emphasis on the quality of our nights

Poor quality, restless sleep usually precedes unproductive days when everything seems more confusing, more complex. On the other hand, when you take advantage of long hours of peaceful sleep, it is more difficult to let yourself be dominated by stress or to give in to panic in the face of the smallest unforeseen events. It is scientifically established that fatigue or lack of rest has a direct impact on the production and level of adrenaline in our body. In other words, a night without real rest will leave you in a state of feverishness and vulnerability that will make you much more sensitive to the slightest tension.

Exercise regularly

Regular physical activity has proven benefits for your body and your state of mind. Exercise helps to properly regulate the production of adrenaline in the body. A good session at the gym will release endorphins and serotonin in your body, resulting in a feeling of well-being. In practice, it is not really compulsory to devote long hours to complex exercises. A simple half-hour of walking, like any other light physical activity, can help you immediately feel less stressed and in the mood to put the most uncomfortable situations of everyday life into perspective more quickly.

Socialize and laugh

Meeting new people, chatting with people we consider close… it may seem trivial, but socializing has measurable effects on our general well-being. Studies show that hearing a familiar voice for any length of time has an immediate impact on our body’s production of oxytocin. If virtual interactions are not the most effective, they are still much better than isolating oneself in one’s stress, without contact with the outside world. Ideally, talking every day with people we love, or meeting new people can significantly increase our resistance to stress.

Laughing can do a lot of good for the body, with the release of endorphins in large quantities. Laughter reduces stress and generates a wave of positive reactions in the body.

Trying to regain a sense of control

Stress is generally reinforced by a feeling of loss of control that it also helps to create. It is recommended to find solutions to have the feeling of regaining the upper hand over the situations that give you the feeling of being overwhelmed. If things get out of hand at work, for example, get down to planning a reasonable schedule that you will strive to stick to. A schedule that is supposed to solve common problems, without getting overwhelmed, will be a good way to avoid thinking about the worst complications. It is also always possible to find aspects of your daily life where you remain in control. This allows you to regain confidence in your abilities and maintain a positive attitude.

Chronic and poorly managed stress can alter quality of life in very insidious ways, with effects on personal and professional life. It is important to put in place little rituals that work and not to neglect these types of little tricks. They are useful for taking a step back, and not getting caught up in a negative spiral.

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5 tips to effectively combat stress on a daily basis

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