5 tips for managing stress on a daily basis

Eat healthy to fight stress

HASIn order to better manage your stress, it is recommended to change your eating habits by favoring a healthy lifestyle. First, avoid meals that are too fatty, too sweet and too salty, which promote fat storage. Then, it is essential to consume products from organic farming. Indeed, organic fruits and vegetables have been less often exposed to pesticides and other chemicals. In addition, these foods are richer in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Finally, to benefit from a balanced intake of proteins and fats, it is necessary to favor the consumption of fish on a daily basis. Foods that also have a regulating effect on stress. And the rule that we will not stop repeating: eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day.

Anti-stress food supplements

Most people do not realize that their problems can be solved through diet as well as taking dietary supplements. For example, it is possible to help the body to manage stress by taking plants with relaxing properties (hawthorn, passionflower, California poppy, etc.) or micronutrients (magnesium, vitamins, etc.) such as those present in formula D-Stress®️ TABLETS. . These tablets, to be taken daily, improve resistance to stress and reduce fatigue, thanks to a synergy of 3rd generation magnesium, taurine, arginine and B vitamins.

The magnesium contained in these tablets, highly absorbable and very well tolerated by the body, helps stimulate energy metabolism. B vitamins, in particular pantothenic acid or vitamin B5, contribute to the reduction of symptoms related to stress and anxiety. Taurine has calming effects and helps fix magnesium in the body. Finally, arginine has an anti-stress and energy function. These food supplements are therefore very effective in better managing stress, anxiety, insomnia and muscle tension.

Meditation: an excellent anti-stress practice

Meditation is one way to manage stress. It is a way to regulate breathing and promote calming of body and mind. To learn to meditate, it is important to find a calm and safe place. Then, you have to take a comfortable position and breathe slowly by inhaling through your nose and exhaling for a long time through your mouth. It is also possible to focus on a sensation such as the beating of the heart or the flow of blood through the veins. At the end of the session, it is important to drink a large glass of water to eliminate hyperoxygenation and the fatigue generated by this activity.

Exercising to better manage stress

Sport is one of the best ways to de-stress. Regular physical activity is recommended, regardless of age. Indeed, in addition to healthy eating, taking food supplements and meditating, it is important to follow a physical exercise program adapted to your person. There are different sports activities that you can practice alone or in a group: running, swimming, walking, cycling, stretching, etc. However, be aware that the most appropriate sport to fight against stress is running.

Music: soothing your stress melodiously

Music can ease tension and relax the body. This type of activity can be practiced at home or outdoors. To do this, choose a song that is relaxing and easy to follow. Once you’ve chosen your title, you can start moving along with the music. To benefit from the positive effects of this activity, it must be practiced for at least one hour a day. There are of course other ways to fight against stress that can be practiced at home. You can, for example, do a puzzle or watch a movie, the whole thing is that you learn to know and control the tensions that lead to stress.

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5 tips for managing stress on a daily basis

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