Grand format. Une crise agite l’intercommunalité : Villers-sur-Mer songe à reprendre son indépendance

Grand format Une crise agite lintercommunalite Villers sur Mer songe a

Par Rédaction Le Pays d’Auge Publié le 29 Déc 22 à 18:40  La communauté de communes Cœur Côte fleurie (Calvados) connaît sa première crise majeure en 20 ans d’existence : Villers-sur-Mer souhaite retrouver plus de liberté.  ©Le Pays d’Auge / Illustrations Malgré deux ans et demi d’échanges à fleurets mouchetés entre le président Philippe Augier … Read more

Audiobook: a format for learning, having fun or disconnecting on a daily basis

ITA Airways strengthens its Italy Algeria flight program

The audio format is booming. Podcasts, audio books, sound creations… Listening to these new formats, initially boosted by confinements and the health crisis, has continued to increase in recent years, bringing audio listening into the daily lives of many French people. . Booming And if the audio book is not yet as popular as podcasts, … Read more

[Exposition]11th Small Format Fair at La Mosaïque, From December 1 to 22, Galerie la Mosaïque / Saint-Jean

Exposition11th Small Format Fair at La Mosaique From December 1

🌺🥳 Olivier Giner & the Mosaic team are happy to invite you to the 11th Salon du Petit Format! 🥳🌺 On the program, 28 artists, 18 painters, 3 photographers and 7 sculptors. From 01 to 22 December. Opening on 02 from 6.30 p.m. Reminder of Small Format editions; Single price of 90€, the formats are … Read more