555, 666… These angelic numbers that you see on a daily basis have a meaning

According to numerological experts, certain sequences of numbers are heavy with meaning. We explain to you.

On television, in the street or in a book… Numbers come to us every day and sometimes have a very specific meaning. Numerology Experts call them “angelic numbers”. Sign of luck or simple advice, they send you messages that we will decrypt for you.

These everyday signs

Those who master numerology will tell you: each number has an influence on our life. Most often made up of three digits, they can sometimes be much more numerous and depend on the importance and meaning you give them.

So the date of your anniversary may be a “wink” from the angels. Some number sequences, such as 123 or 456 represent a stepsoon to be crossed in your lifeexplains Megan Michaela, medium and author of The Angel Numbers Book: How to Understand the Messages Your Spirit Guides Are Sending You. Conversely, the 321 or the 654 is rather the sign of change, in his relationships or his projects.

Angel numbers and their meaning

But the most noticeable combinations are well sequences of identical digits. According to the website The Angel Writerthey have very specific meanings and provide advice of their own.

– The 000 is the sign of renewal or the support of a spiritual power.

– The 111 is useful for projecting your desires: when you see it, visualize what you want!

– The 222 means that you lack balance in your life and that you must seek to correct them. Do you work too much? Change that!

– The 333 symbolizes perfection and luck and pushes you to explore your full potential.

– The 444 is the sign of positivity and hope. Whatever you’ve done, you’re on the right track.

– The 555 is associated with change. If you’re hoping to unblock a situation or feel like you’re going nowhere, your wish to evolve will be granted.

– The 666, frowned upon for its diabolical connotation, actually means that you give too much of yourself physically, emotionally and psychologically. Let go and free your mind!

– The 777 is the symbol you are in tune with the Universe. Seeing it means that the divine powers recognize your work and salute it.

– The 888 is about wealth. This is a sign that material and financial blessings will soon come.

– The 999 mark meanwhile a new start, the completion of something. A new chapter opens to you.

No matter what sequences of numbers come to you, most of the time they are a sign that you are not. “Frequently encountering the same number is as if your angel pointed at you to make you feel like you are seen and heard“, explains Megan Michaela. A message from our guardian angels?

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555, 666… These angelic numbers that you see on a daily basis have a meaning

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