Meditate to slow the effects of aging on the brain: how to do it?

Meditate to slow the effects of aging on the brain

Meditation has beneficial effects in the management of cognitive and emotional aspects specific to aging. But how to practice? Published: November 29, 2022 at 3:08 p.m. Reading time: 3 mins Does the practice of meditation have positive effects on the brain and can it slow down aging? It is that have studied, in people over … Read more

Like Lindsay Lohan, I meditate in the shower — it ‘changed my life’ – CNET

Like Lindsay Lohan I meditate in the shower — it

In October 2021, yoga instructor Meka Taylor was in the throes of an identity crisis. The 30-year-old had been left shaken by the discovery that she had been adopted – which came to light after a paternal cousin contacted her on Facebook. The startling truth of her biology came just days before she was diagnosed … Read more

How to Meditate with Music in 5 Steps – Up News Info

How to Meditate with Music in 5 Steps Up

Stress is something almost everyone faces, and figuring out how to deal with it can be difficult. Mediation is a proven stress management tool. While traditional meditation isn’t for everyone, the addition of music may change some minds. Musical meditation is an effective way to relax your mind and reduce your stress level. You just … Read more

Place, time, position, techniques: discover how to meditate on a daily basis

Place time position techniques discover how to meditate on a

The reasons for wanting to take up meditation are endless: the desire to reconnect with oneself, to control one’s stress or anxiety, to learn to live better in the present moment… There are also a series of benefits for the body such as improved heart health or better pain management. Despite this, for some it … Read more

How to meditate 10 minutes a day to preserve your mental health?

Do you already know Bloom, the very first meditation studio in Paris? As soon as the doors of this urban refuge are pushed through, the flow of thoughts seems to slow down. Mental calm becomes total once seated on the meditation cushions, facing the green wall of the Day Room or under the starry ceiling … Read more

An evening to meditate and “dissolve the knots”

The first door leads into a typically Parisian building courtyard. A second door to cross and… a change of scenery. The backyard overflows with vegetation, accompanied by the “gurgle” of a small fountain. Under the gaze of the statues nestled in the middle of the trees, the participants enter a large room. Here, the silence … Read more

Mindfulness: I meditate at work with Stéphane Nau | O Magazine

Mindfulness I meditate at work with Stephane Nau O

How to fight burnout? Stéphane Nau, expert in mindfulness meditation and certified coach, urges us to meditate. Take a break to better refocus: what if the solution to suffering at work was through meditation? In the interview he gave us, he explains the benefits, including in the business world… Article written by: ZIEL Jerome In … Read more

Freebox subscribers with Apple TV 4K, relax and learn to meditate for free

Freebox subscribers with Apple TV 4K relax and learn to

Thanks to “Calm: Sleep & Meditation“, turn your Apple TV 4K into a relaxation and meditation program. “Calm: Sleep & Meditation” is an application with meditation and relaxation programs. Ideal for beginners, but it also includes hundreds of programs for intermediate and advanced levels. It is possible to choose the duration of your guided meditation … Read more