Top 8 Creepy Stories of Cannibalism in the Middle Ages

Yoga of sound when singing takes a relaxing turn

What could be better than starting the year on a healthy, joyful and gentle basis, by talking about the fact of very gloomy and relatively uncomfortable medieval cannibalism? You see, 2022 was a rotten year2023, according to our predictionsit will be worse, but when we compare to these historical events, finally… Boarf, we’re not so … Read more

The ‘Manuscript of the Six Ages of the World’: an amazing parchment – ​​Swiss Catholic Portal

1671129385 The Manuscript of the Six Ages of the World an

Astonishing in its format, fascinating in its content and intriguing in its history, the Manuscript of the Six Ages of the World, preserved in Sion, had everything to attract the attention of historians. After more than three years of deciphering, translation, analysis and research, the 14th century work is now presented to the general public … Read more

[Comics] Godzilla crosses the ages and even Hell! – Literature

Comics Godzilla crosses the ages and even Hell Literature

Comics at Journal du Japon? No, you’re not dreaming. Usually, we don’t talk about it but… On the occasion of the release of Godzilla: The Half-Century War in June by Vestron, it’s the perfect time to see that our kaijū favorite inspires authors and illustrators in new adventures while paying homage to the different films. … Read more

“Haxan, Witchcraft Through the Ages”: the reissue of the silent film classic in a sumptuous box

Haxan Witchcraft Through the Ages the reissue of the silent

A masterpiece for some, an overrated film for others, Haxan, Witchcraft through the ages has caused a lot of ink to flow since 1922, when it was released. Potemkin is re-releasing the film in a beautiful DVD/Blu-Ray combo box set. No less than three versions are compiled there, with different music and multiple commentaries, including … Read more

Torture for gossip, prostitution…Here are the 11 tortures of the Middle Ages reserved for women

Torture for gossip prostitutionHere are the 11 tortures of the

During the time of the Middle Ages, women suffered atrocious punishments, for each fault committed. Whether for a case of gossip, prostitution or suspicion of witchcraft, they are punished, in the harshest of ways. We list 11 of them. Tortures for gossip In the Middle Ages, it was better to know how to hold your … Read more