Torture for gossip, prostitution…Here are the 11 tortures of the Middle Ages reserved for women

During the time of the Middle Ages, women suffered atrocious punishments, for each fault committed.

Whether for a case of gossip, prostitution or suspicion of witchcraft, they are punished, in the harshest of ways. We list 11 of them.

Tortures for gossip

In the Middle Ages, it was better to know how to hold your tongue! Gossip was thus a crime that could lead to torture! Of course, the sentence is not very cruel physically, but there was enough to inflict a sacred shame! This torture is inflicted in many ways. Here is 3.

The talkative bride

The talkative bridle is a form of psychological torture. It is neither more nor less than a muzzle. Except that instead of a dog, this one is intended for women who are too talkative… Entirely in metal, we imagine it to be very uncomfortable, and above all shameful to wear…

The shrew’s yoke

The shrew yoke is a similar type of torture, but one that was also intended for violent women. The head and hands of the condemned were thus encircled in this vice of wood and metal, and she therefore had to move with this apparatus of shame.


The third level in torture for gossip is thewe. As with the yoke, the victim’s head and hands were thus restrained, but they also could not move. The woman was therefore openly exposed in the public square, as a warning to other women with strong tongues…

Torture for promiscuity

Being frivolous was a crime in the Middle Ages. Finally, for women. The men had few penalties for these so-called crimes. Here are 4 types of torture that take it up a notch in cruelty.

Nose removal

Infidelity in women was a crime punished horribly. The most frequent torture was thus the removal of the nose. It completely disfigures her. For some women, the ears were also cut off. An entire program…

The cucking stool

The cucking stool was a form of psychological and physical torture. The promiscuous woman sat in a chair without a high seat, exposing her private parts to the wind. What to refresh the ideas, and to cover oneself with shame…

The Drunk Coat

The drunkard’s coat was a torture reserved for women carried on drink. They had to move in a huge barrel, with only their ends protruding.

torture for prostitution

Prostitution was booming in the Middle Ages. Of course, this one was only punished on the side of the fairer sex… 2 practices of torture in particular were thus intended for them.

The walk of shame

Game of Thrones fans know this torture. The Walk of Shame involves taking a fallen woman or prostitute, completely naked, across town or village. The crowd then accumulates along the route, insulting and molesting the poor victim.

Branding with a hot iron

Another, even crueler torture consisted of branding prostitutes with the letter P. Their madams could also be branded with the letter M. of average.

Tortures for witchcraft

The best known and most cruel of the tortures on our list are of course reserved for so-called witches. A very dark time filled with superstition thus drove people to commit atrocious crimes against poor women…


Drowning has been a very common torture practice for women accused of witchcraft. The victim then had his legs and hands tied, and was thrown into a body of water. If she drowned, she was not a witch, and her soul was thus saved. If she floated, then she was entitled to the stake…

The pyre

The stake precisely, last of our methods of torture of the Middle Ages. Popularized by Joan of Arc, this ultimate method of torture then consisted in burning alive an alleged witch in the public square. A great atmosphere…

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Torture for gossip, prostitution…Here are the 11 tortures of the Middle Ages reserved for women

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