Literature: “Colette is a woman of crazy topicality” for Emmanuelle Lambert

1673710417 Literature Colette is a woman of crazy topicality for Emmanuelle

We never stopped reading Colette (1873-1954), but probably not enough. Why ? She is one of our great writers and yet, we tend to underestimate her. Is it the comparison with his contemporary Marcel Proust, whose centenary we have just celebrated and who, in certain ways, resembles him so much? May be. Proust, he was … Read more

Mysticism and Literature with Patrick Kéchichian | RCF

Mysticism and Literature with Patrick Kechichian RCF

Patrick Kéchichian, literary critic and convinced Catholic Well known to Catholics, journalist, literary critic and writer Patrick Kéchichian died on October 18, at the age of 71. He was an autodidact, he entered Le Monde at the age of 18, in February 1970, to then climb the ladder to become deputy editor. Coming from an … Read more

Writing the Absent: Virtual Presences in Early Modern Romance Literature, 16th-17th Centuries. (Romanisteg 2023, Leipzig)

Ce nest pas evident a gerer Aria Crescendo annoncee

Writing the Absent: Virtual Presences in Early Modern Romance Literature (16th-17th Centuries) September 24-27, 2023, Romanistentag Leipzig Before its success linked to the advent of digital technology, the term “virtual” was used for seven centuries in an exclusively philosophical or mechanical context. In its most common sense since scholastic times virtual (“virtualis”, from “virtus”) is … Read more

Literature: Presentation of the book Payer le mal à installment (on Sade and Fourier) by Simone Debout

Literature Presentation of the book Payer le mal a installment

We will talk with Samuel Autexier (Quiero editions) and Emmanuel Loi (writer and art critic, author of more than thirty works in residence at Reillanne) about Simone Debout and of course Sade and Fourier, whom she presents in this delivers the decisive and so misunderstood contribution. Through the writing and the singular journey of these … Read more

News – Music, justice, games, astronomy, literature… What’s going on in Haute-Vienne?

Book The great minds of the Revolution meet

As part of the cycle of interactive general public conferences at the University of Limoges, Pascal Plas, director of the International Institute for Research on Conflictuality, will host a conference entitled “The trials in image”. It will take place on Thursday October 27 at 7 p.m., Espace Simone-Veil, 2 rue de la Providence in Limoges. … Read more

Emmanuel Godo: “Literature can be one of the places of our spirituality”

Horoscope the month of July will be very very complicated

The God we believe in loves questions. He is not afraid of our revolts, our laughter, our stumbles, our freedom. He does not reproach us for the criticisms that we address to his earthly representatives. It must be said that his Son is the greatest troublemaker ever to come into the world. The slightest of … Read more

“In the shoes of…” Oscar Lalo, writer who shares his unconditional love for literature in “Le salon” | urban bible

In the shoes of… Oscar Lalo writer who shares his

Photo credit : Joachim Perez VSach week, every Friday, Urban Bible asks 5 questions to an artist or cultural artisan in order to learn a little more about the person interviewed and to allow the reader to be in his shoes, the space of ‘a moment. Today, we chatted with the Swiss writer Oscar Lalo, … Read more

Suzanne de Callias, “woman-soldier” of feminist literature

Suzanne de Callias woman soldier of feminist literature

Chronicle “Proud of letters”case Each month, the National Library of France highlights a work by an unknown writer, to be downloaded free of charge in Gallica. Today, Suzanne de Callias (1883-1964), author and journalist committed to women’s rights. A member of the Parisian intelligentsia, Suzanne de Callias was a composite of the modern woman of … Read more

[Comics] Godzilla crosses the ages and even Hell! – Literature

Comics Godzilla crosses the ages and even Hell Literature

Comics at Journal du Japon? No, you’re not dreaming. Usually, we don’t talk about it but… On the occasion of the release of Godzilla: The Half-Century War in June by Vestron, it’s the perfect time to see that our kaijū favorite inspires authors and illustrators in new adventures while paying homage to the different films. … Read more

Writing and infinity: Mysticism in literature for the love of oneself and of the other

The notion of “mysticism” refers to an interdisciplinary field: that of the Sufi authors of the Eastern tradition and the spiritual poets of the Western tradition. It is not thus a field reserved for theology, especially since it appears, as Atmane Bissani explains, as a mysterious language of love that traverses centuries, countries and beliefs. … Read more