News – Nature, clowning, literature, meditation, Egypt… What’s going on in Haute-Vienne?

Book The great minds of the Revolution meet

Wednesday, May 18, at 7:30 p.m. the team of the bar Les LimogÉs, 10 rue du Temple in Limoges, invites you to come and present and give away one or two books in exchange for a drink. The concept is simple: the owner has 1 minute 30 to present his book. Whoever wishes to acquire … Read more

Literature: Presentation of the book Payer le mal à installment (on Sade and Fourier) by Simone Debout

We will talk with Samuel Autexier (Quiero editions) and Emmanuel Loi (writer and art critic, author of more than thirty works in residence at Reillanne) about Simone Debout and of course Sade and Fourier, whom she presents in this delivers the decisive and so misunderstood contribution. Through the writing and the unique journey of these … Read more

Clairvoyants: Between Tarot and Literature – Châtelaine

Combine divinatory art and Quebec literature? Audrée Wilhelmy and 14 other writers have dared with Clairvoyantes. The result is downright fun and inspiring. Quebec publisher Alto is bold. He throws the box Clairvoyants, which combines literature and the art of divination in a marriage that is out of the ordinary. It’s sort of a poetic … Read more