Soulalyates or when Forbidden stories make us take bladders for lanterns

New Moon August 27 2022 Virgo energy gives us the

By Hassan Alaoui Once again, as if their past crimes were not a lesson to them, the militias of Forbidden stories, for lack of subjects, are attacking Morocco and believe they are instrumentalizing the subject of collective lands, the soulaliyates… In its pathetic multifaceted campaign against Morocco, the ” band villain Forbidden Stories has just … Read more

Netflix: This documentary is less than 6 hours long and it’s definitely one of the most incredible stories you’ll see

Netflix This documentary is less than 6 hours long and

A strong sect of thousands of members, excesses of all kinds, confrontations with the inhabitants of a remote town in the United States, and even a bioterrorist attack. It’s “Wild Wild Country”, a documentary to discover on Netflix. Antelope, a tiny town of 46 inhabitants located in Oregon, lives away from the world. In this … Read more

Quimper – In Quimper, Adèle Le Berre tells the thousand and one stories of plants

Quimper In Quimper Adele Le Berre tells the thousand

It is barely 10 a.m. this Wednesday in the Priory garden, in Locmaria. Above this haven of peace bordered by the Odet, a sky that oscillates between soft blue and anthracite grey. And a few fine drops of rain… But nothing to tarnish the discovery of the place. It is in this 1,700 m² setting … Read more

Yuri Berezkin: “People don’t invent their stories, they copy them”

You have created a database of myths from around the world, used by many mythologists. How was this approach born? Yuri Berezkin: It’s a long-term project, which emerged almost unconsciously, I would say 50 years ago, as part of my archaeological work. I was first interested in the parallels that I saw between the myths … Read more