The price of the Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 tablet collapses like never before (-35%)

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The Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 touch tablet is the subject of a double promotion on the side of the Fnac and Darty brands. It is possible to equip it for much less than its usual price of 379 euros. Are you planning to equip yourself with a touchscreen tablet? The offer currently offered by the … Read more

Soaring prices, inflation, war in Ukraine: how to deal with the heavy news of recent months?

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For several months, the news seems particularly heavy all over the world. To cope with this not always easy period and not give in to the ambient gloom, here are some tips offered by experts in terms of well-being. Between the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the war in Ukraine, the explosion of energy prices … Read more

Why “mindfulness” and “passive acceptance” should not be confused

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THE ESSENTIAL The practice of mindfulness, which consists of focusing only on the present moment to better accept and engage in life’s challenges, is often poorly practiced by its followers. Most often, lay people confuse acceptance of difficulties with passivity or avoidance, which undermines the scope of this philosophy inherited from Buddhism. … Read more

Diabetes: this ultra-simple technique helps reduce blood sugar

Diabetes this ultra simple technique helps reduce blood sugar

THE ESSENTIAL Type 2 diabetes is hyperglycemia: excess sugar in the blood. 90% of people with diabetes have this form of the disease. Type 2 diabetes can affect arterial, kidney and eye health. Our mental health contributes to our physical health. By improving our psychological well-being, we can reduce the risk … Read more

7 Facial Yoga Exercises And Their Anti-Aging Benefits

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There’s no shortage of yoga styles, but here’s a new type you may not have heard of before: face yoga. In addition to having potential anti-aging effects, face yoga can help you relax and relieve tension, especially in the muscles around your temples and between your eyes. (This type of tension can contribute to problems … Read more

Mindfulness meditation reduces pain by separating it from the self

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Mindfulness meditation reduces the perception of pain by “separating it from the self”, according to a study published in July 2022 in the journal BREAD. “People have used mindfulness meditation for centuries to try to ease their pain, but it’s only recently that neuroscientists have been able to test if and how it actually works.“, … Read more

UN advocates yoga and meditation to improve workers’ mental health

UN advocates yoga and meditation to improve workers mental health

Much more needs to be done to protect mental health in the workplace, the United Nations urged on Wednesday, presenting new recommendations to reduce tensions there. To cope with the growing impact of anxiety and depression in the world of work, she advises the practice of yoga or “mindfulness” meditation in order to reduce stress. … Read more

Mindfulness meditation, the key against exam stress?

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What if mindfulness meditation could reduce anxiety of the students ? A study carried out by scientists from the Etienne-Jules-Marey Institute of Movement Sciences during the first confinement on 76 volunteer students from the university ​of Aix-Marseille and published on July 7 demonstrates the benefits of this secular mental practice, of Buddhist inspiration, on the … Read more

La méditation, pas pour les hommes ?

La meditation pas pour les hommes

Une récente étude de l’université américaine de Brown de Providence, Rhode Island, a montré que la méditation de pleine conscience « ne fonctionnerait pas de la même manière sur les hommes ». Cette étude signifierait-elle pour autant que la méditation est réservée aux femmes ? On le sait, la méditation est très en vogue, puisqu’elle est pratiquée … Read more