Rami Malek: “My agent spends his time telling me: ‘Shut up Rami, you talk too much!'”

Rami Malek My agent spends his time telling me Shut

Oscar-winning actor, subscriber to non-standard roles, he remains as amazed as when he started. Meeting in Paris with a model artist, ambassador of Cartier’s French Tank. Rami Malek enters and the room – a vast suite of a Parisian palace – becomes too small. Not that he imposes himself in a celebrity way: it’s the … Read more

Rami El-Dokany: We are aiming for the strong comeback of foreign investors – Economy – Economy

Rami El Dokany We are aiming for the strong comeback of

HASI-HASHram Weekly : What are your plans to offer new financial securities to investors via the introduction of new public and private companies on the stock market in 2023? Rami El-Dokany: According to the government’s IPO program, 4 public companies were listed last year and are ready for issuance to investors. Three companies are in … Read more