Rami Malek: “My agent spends his time telling me: ‘Shut up Rami, you talk too much!'”

Rami Malek My agent spends his time telling me Shut

Oscar-winning actor, subscriber to non-standard roles, he remains as amazed as when he started. Meeting in Paris with a model artist, ambassador of Cartier’s French Tank. Rami Malek enters and the room – a vast suite of a Parisian palace – becomes too small. Not that he imposes himself in a celebrity way: it’s the … Read more

The chronicles of Ragidro: the “Asa fa tsy Kabary”, translation of a “Shut up and bump” – Madagascar-Tribune.com

The chronicles of Ragidro the Asa fa tsy Kabary translation

“ASA FA TSY KABARY! » … « At work, enough of palaver … » stated a Malagasy president. The formula is perhaps less innocuous than we heard it, which wanted the Malagasy people to stop talking in order to act. This wanted to state the desire for the country to enter into a form of … Read more