“Reviving a Dire Straits concert in the 80s-90s”

Haaland is Man Citys latest gem in the Bundesliga but

The Marseilles: You joined Dire Straits for the tour of the album “Brothers in arms”. What memories do you have of that time? ? Chris White: During this tour in 1985-86, I played for the first time with Dire Straits. I had previously worked with Mark Knopfler [guitariste et fondateur du groupe, Ndlr] on different … Read more

NBA: 10 good reasons to follow the Sacramento Kings this season

NBA 10 good reasons to follow the Sacramento Kings this

Who says resumption of the NBA season says need for motivation. And who says need for motivation says…? Find good reasons! For each team of the 2022-23 season, we wanted to be useful, helpful, and a little funny if the subject allows it. Here are the 10 good reasons to follow the Sacramento Kings over … Read more

Cultural Studies Review No. 9: Playing Marilyn

Astrology Are you one of the very lucky horoscope signs

Character of many fictions as well as documentaries, image and icon, Marilyn Monroe poses a challenge of incarnation of size when she is interpreted in the theater. How to “play” on the boards this cinematic image whose body, voice and face are immediately recognizable? Which actresses, to play the many Marilyns – actress, singer, woman … Read more

“Saint Seiya – Time Odyssey”: the return of the Knights of the Zodiac in a French comic strip

Saint Seiya Time Odyssey the return of the Knights

Saint SeiyaWhere The Knights of the Zodiac, tells the story of five fighters, Seiya, Shiryu, Yoga, Shun and Ikki, chosen to protect the reincarnation of the goddess Athena in the person of Saori. All have armor representing a figure of the zodiac and of great inner strength, their cosmos. Since the dawn of time, the … Read more

DRC: A “reincarnation” of Mende campaigning to replace Patrick Muyaya | Politico.cd

Astro et compatibilite amoureuse voici les 5 meilleures associations

The current government led by Prime Minister Sama Lukonde has been announced as “resigning” by several political sources in Kinshasa. And this even if, on the side of President Félix Tshisekedi, nothing is certain. Nevertheless, the situation has the merit of seeing the candidates for this hypothetical reshuffle maneuvering to enter government, in a country … Read more

Après Albator et Goldorak, Kana relance

1664598086 Apres Albator et Goldorak Kana relance

C’est avec une joie non dissimulée que nous fêtons le retour en librairie des Chevaliers du zodiaque. La mythique saga arrivée à grands coups de météores dans les années 1980 s’offre aujourd’hui une nouvelle vie sous les crayons de Jérôme Alquié. Accompagné de son ami Arnaud Dollen au scénario, le dessinateur d’Albator – Mémoires de … Read more

Korean Drama “Tale Of The Nine-Tailed”, Romance And Suspense

1664585433 Korean Drama Tale Of The Nine Tailed Romance And Suspense

A second season being announced and confirmed, we take this opportunity to come and talk to you about the Korean drama “Tale of the Nine-Tailed”, based on South Korean legends and tales, and among other things on the “Gumihos”, these “foxes” mystics that we find in many dramas (” My Roomate is a gumiho“, “My … Read more

Every Movie and Title in the Franchise, Ranked | Pretty Reel

Every Movie and Title in the Franchise Ranked Pretty

The omen. The very name strikes fear into familiar viewers. The iconic original film from Superman director Richard Donner is a dark tale about the rise of the Antichrist via a young boy. The film was one of the scariest of its time, and it still manages to scare even the most grizzled horror dog. … Read more

Ragnarök, The 100, Sweet Tooth : ces séries parlent effondrement en donnant envie de le dépasser

APRNEWS Infertility the stigma overturned for Elisabeth 61

Comment parler écologie et effondrement sans provoquer de crises d’angoisse stériles ? En donnant à chacun l’assurance qu’il peut agir et qu’ensemble on peut s’en sortir. Difficile d’évoquer fin du monde et effondrement du vivant sans s’infliger une crise d’éco-anxiété carabinée, pourtant ces séries télé réussissent parfaitement à insuffler l’envie de passer à l’acte et prendre … Read more