Disgaea 7 : tout savoir sur le gameplay, les nouveautés, les personnages, l’histoire et plus, avec de nombreuses vidéos, images et illustrations – Nintendo-Difference

1675100458 Disgaea 7 tout savoir sur le gameplay les nouveautes

Elle célèbre en ce 30 janvier son 20e anniversaire, la saga Disgaea de Nippon Ichi Software a eu droit à son septième épisode principal, sobrement intitulé Disgaea 7. Disponible depuis ce 26 janvier au Japon sur Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 et PS5, avec une démo gratuite sortie le 12 janvier (Switch / PS4 / PS5) … Read more

Disgaea 7 ‘Disgaea Private Academy’ Video Series Revealed – Kumundra.com

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Disgaea 7 and its maxi Prinny arrive in 2023 – Generation Nintendo

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If it’s not surprising that a new episode of the series Disgaea either in development, the series being the flagship figure of the Nippon-Ichi Software studio, its announcement in the middle of August, on the other hand, serves as a nice surprise. Indeed, while the sixth episode has only been released for a year here … Read more

NIS Introduces Disgaea 7 Maiko and Thief Classes, Details Dodeka Max and PvP Systems

NIS Introduces Disgaea 7 Maiko and Thief Classes Details Dodeka

NIS revealed a bit more about Disgaea 7, the latest entry in the franchise. A recent update to the game’s official site and details covered in the Sega/Atlus TGS 2022 broadcast revealed new information regarding new systems, classes, and characters. The game takes place in a more explicitly stylized setting after Japan, the “Hinomoto Netherworld”, … Read more

Disgaea 6 Complete: A PS5 version up to par (PC, PS4, PS5, Switch) – MaXoE

Disgaea 6 Complete A PS5 version up to par PC

If since its release in Japan, Disgaea 6 had a PS4 and Switch version, in Europe we only had the right to the Nintendo Switch version. Today, a year later, the Tactical-RPG Disgaea 6 returns to us in a Complete edition (DLCs included) on PS4 and PC as well as for the very first time … Read more