Volkswagen ID. Buzz: the mythical combi revived! – Challenges

1675186914 Volkswagen ID Buzz the mythical combi revived Challenges

For more than twenty years, Volkswagen has been dangling the return of the Combi, one of its true historical icons. Probably driven by the enthusiasm around its still recent New Beetle at the time, the Wolfsburg manufacturer had split, at the Detroit Motor Show in 2001, the Microbus concept car, a modern reinterpretation of the … Read more

Volkswagen ID.Buzz test: we completely fall for the revived Combi with electric sauce

1669239103 Volkswagen IDBuzz test we completely fall for the revived Combi

What if Volkswagen did the trick of the new Beetle again? This little magic trick, which relies on everyone’s nostalgic streak to resurrect an automobile memory from another time, is once again at work. After launching its first electric models with theID.3, the ID.4 and the ID.5, the German brand intends to put a little … Read more