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Who will succeed Listen, pretty Márcia by Marcello Quintanilha at track record Fauve d’or at the Angoulême Festival? Who will seduce the public jury, high school students or the grand juries chaired by Alexandre Astier and, for young people, Marie-Aude Murail? Here is an attempt at a prediction that is more like divination…

merel_couvAgain this year, the jury will have the chance to read real nuggets of comics, within a sharp selection but which also contains proposals accessible to a wide readership. This is particularly the case for the Fawn Revelation, which distinguishes the book of an author at the beginning of the course (max 3 albums published). If Maybelline Skvortzoff (Roxane sells her panties) or Sole Otero (Naphthalene) make good profiles, we would rather bet on Aniss El Hamouri for they burn or Clara Lodewick for Merel. Side whodunnitthere too, big competition: if my favorite would be Colorado Trainthe fact that its author, Alex W. Inker, has already won the Polar SNCF prize in 2017 with apachecould suggest that Hound Dog of Nicolas Pegon would be the best placed. But for the SCNF, a train story will still be tempting… As for theEco-Fauvehard to say as the selection is varied and high, with also albums whose environmental theme is not necessarily at the heart. The Trumpets of Death by Simon Bournel-Bosson is in this case, but it remains a very original and really successful book, especially for a first full-length album. So why not.

Let’s not forget that two beasts are awarded by a public jury, within a reduced selection of titles. the Fawn of high school studentswho was rewarded Yojimbot last year, could return to another album that takes on a genre narrative to infuse it with a contemporary message, and in a modern but not experimental style: Hoka Hey! of Neyeff. Side Audience awardwe are often surprised: in a selection that includes quite a few young authors, Merel could make everyone agree.

lnstitut-des-benjamines_couvSide youth, this year, a single prize and no longer two for two different age groups. It is reasonable to imagine that the albums for the youngest readers, just like those for older teenagers, are abandoned in favor of books for the key age group of the youth section, namely that of 8-12 years. Thus, excellent albums like Boubou and his friends (from 6 years old) or Thief (rather for 14 years and over) would leave with a handicap… Especially since the competition is tough, with many very good books… But since you have to choose, let’s say that Of cape and wordsadaptation of Flore Vesco by Kerascoët, has everything to seduce the jury chaired by the writer Marie-Aude Murail.

For its part, the Grand Jury chaired this year by Alexandre Astier will have a lot to do to decide between the candidates for the Fauve Heritage. But the Fed up de Cardon, by its graphic, political and humorous power, is a serious favourite. Even though Log by Fabrice Neud is also impressive… Côté serieswe would see Anne Simon finally rewarded for her Tales of Marylene with The Benjamines Institute. Her fertile imagination and her subtle but straightforward feminist discourse make her an ideal candidate. For the Audacity Awardseveral albums or manga offer new and powerful reading experiences, however The color of things seems to have a head start on graphic and narrative audacity.

The Last Queen CoverFinally, the two most prestigious Fauves… The Special Jury Prize celebrating a favourite, difficult to get into the minds of the jurors… But The Pizzlys by Jérémie Moreau, by its graphic originality and the intelligence of treatment of the theme of the end of a world, could thrill them. And in the same register of “end of a world”, The Last Queen by Jean-Marc Rochette has quite the shoulders of a Fauve d’or, by the maturity of his line, the symbolic significance and the depth of his story, and by the “great work” side of an author at the top of her career…

Come on, let’s recap our attempt to prognosis ?

– Fauve d’Or – Prize for the best album: The Last Queenby Jean-Marc Rochette (Casterman)
– Fauve d’Angoulême – Special Jury Prize: The Pizzlysby Jérémie Moreau (Delcourt)
– Fauve d’Angoulême – Audacity Award: The color of things by Martin Panchaud (Here and There)
– Fauve d’Angoulême – Price of the series: The Benjamines Institute (The Tales of Marylène), by Anne Simon (Misma)
– Fauve d’Angoulême – Revelation prize: They burn #1by Aniss El Hamouri (6 feet under)
– Fauve d’Angoulême – Heritage Prize: Fed upby Cardon (Les Requins Marteaux/Super Loto editions)
– Fauve Polar SNCF: Hound Dogby Nicolas Pegon (Denoel Graphic)
– Eco Fauve RAJA Award: The Trumpets of Deathby Simon Bournel-Bosson (L’Agrume)
– Fauve d’Angoulême – France Televisions Audience Award: Merelby Clara Lodewick (Dupuis)
– Fawn of high school students: Hoka Hey!by Neyef (Label 619/Rue de Sèvres)
– Fauve d’Angoulême – Youth Prize: Of cape and wordsby Kerascoët after Flore Vesco (Dargaud)

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Angoulême 2023: prognosis for a prize list | BoDoï, comic book explorer

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